Northport Athlete Seeks Aid After Struck By Car En Route To Practice

Few other sports share the camaraderie of cross country. Across different teams, and individual coaches, all athletes realize they share the common goal of self-improvement. So when something happens to one athlete, it affects more than just their immediate team members.

On Tuesday, a freshman from Northport HS, was struck by a car on his way to XC practice. Shortly after, the family reached out online for any aid, as the situation progressed. If you would like to support a fellow member of the XC community, click the link below.  A full statement from the family can be found underneath that.

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My name is Ayla Lerner, and my younger brother is Miles. Miles is an athletic and energetic 14 year-old boy who was supposed to start high school this Thursday. To give you a sense of his energy level, Miles participated in a 3-week bike tour this past summer and biked 55-75 miles a day while carrying his belongings on the back of a bike. Miles was super excited to begin his high school journey as a member of the Northport XC Running Team and Freshman Choir.

The morning of Tuesday, September 4th, on his way to cross country practice at Northport High School on Laurel Hill Road, Miles was hit by a car. The accident is under investigation, so I am not able to go into too much detail, but he is currently in pediatric intensive care, and his injuries areextremely severe. The media has reported that the driver who hit him is uninsured which adds an element of financial strain. I am creating this page because I know many people would want to help my brother in his time of need. This applies to those of us lucky enough to know him, and those who would love him if they knew him like I do.

Please donate whatever you feel comfortable giving, but know that even the smallest amounts will help. No matter what you are able to give, please share the link to this page as far and wide as you can. I am really grateful for your help right now. 

Lastly, whatever you believe, please join me in praying for the speedy recovery of my brother. Miles...I love and miss you.