A Breakdown Of Kelsey Chmiel's Senior Debut At 162

It was a big weekend for Saratoga Springs senior Kelsey Chmiel.  Traveling down to VA for an early season fitness test, the result came back more than positive.  She smashed the previous course record, running a blazing 16:46.00.  She herself has set that previous record in her Sophomore year, running 17:36.  She did not attend the meet as a Junior.

A nearly minute improvement should be no surprise to those who have been following her career.  Chmiel has been a National Talent since her 8th Grade Track Season, most notable without a major injury in that time period.  She has steadily improved over the years, placing 4th at NXN as a Freshman, 5th as a Soph, and 2nd overall last year.  However, one thing has eluded her all those years.

Despite that success in one of the most competitive states in the Nation, Chmiel had never broken a 160 Speed Rating.  Her Edinburgh International win was guesstimated as high, but the abstract parameters of the race couldn't produce a defined number.  However, with her effort in VA, she has joined the club.  Running 162, it may be the first ever 160+ achieved in the month of August.  Only Katelyn Tuohy, in her breakout season last year, had ever done so in September.  It shows Chmiel is coming on strong in her final XC attempt, arguably her most successful discipline.  To give an estimate of what that fitness level means, we translated it to several of the courses Chmiel may see this year.  

Estimations based on most recent rated race on specific course.

SPAC - 16:13 (Course Record)

Bowdoin - 17:20 (#3 All-Time)

Sunken Meadow - 17:42 (Course Record by three seconds)