Ranking The Fastest XC State Meets Of The Past 14 Years

We know the  Wayne State Meet Course was slow last year.  But exactly how slow did it run, compared to other State Meet Courses over the past 14 years?  And what about Sunken Meadow, where the State Meet is headed to in 2018?

As you could expect, Wayne was one of the slowest courses of All-Time.  It was the slowest average course for Girls by nearly 40seconds, while Katelyn Tuohy's winning time was the fifth slowest ever, despite being, you know, really fast.  As for the boys, the news was a little better, as the mud-fest that was VVS in 2011 took the #1 spot for both slowest average finisher, as well as slowest winning mark of the day.

And the best news of all?  In 2019, we'll be heading back up to SUNY Plattsburgh, to conclude the State Meet Rotation system, with the fastest course in State History.  Get ready to run fast!

Check out the full stats below.

YearAvg TimeCourseTop TimeTop Athlete
200916:47.93SUNY Plattsburgh15:26.3Nick Hughes (North Rockland)
201316:51.20Queensbury15:06.3Bryce Millar (Fay-Man)
200517:04.57Queensbury15:25.7Brian Rhodes-Devey (Guilderland)
201217:13.53Elma Meadows15:07.9Nick Ryan (Fay-Man)
201617:14.95Chenango Valley State Park15:27.50Ty Brownlow (Liverpool)
201417:28.31SUNY Canton15:30.3Bryce Millar (Fay-Man)
201017:28.65Pawling15:55.9Chris Buchanan (CNS)
200717:32.41Norwood-Norfolk15:35.3Pat DuPont (Fairport)
200417:36.15Chenango Valley State Park15:44.8Ryan Sheridan (Walt Whitman)
201517:42.80Monroe-Woodbury15:43.0Ben Petrella (Liverpool)
200817:46.56Sunken Meadow15:58.8Alex Hatz (Fay-Man)
200318:11.05Marcus Whitman16:25.4Bryan Buchanan (CNS)
201718:31.84Wayne HS15:58.2

Nathan Lawler (Pittsford-Mendon)

201118:45.35VVS16:28.4Nick Ryan (Fay-Man)


YearAvg TimeCourseTop TimeTop Athlete
200919:43.71SUNY Plattsburgh17:00.1Aisling Cuffe (Cornwall)
201319:47.05Queensbury17:23.5Megan Reilly (Warwick)
200520:07.19Queensbury17:23.9Aislinn Ryan (Warwick)
200720:07.69Norwood-Norfolk17:31.6Emily Lipari (Roslyn)
201220:16.37Elma Meadows17:34.3Megan Reilly (Warwick)
201620:21.85Chenango Valley State Park17:17.5Kelsey Chmiel (Saratoga)
201020:34.90Pawling17:19.6Aisling Cuffe (Cornwall)
201420:37.64SUNY Canton17:49.7Bella Burda (Arlington)
200420:39.77Chenango Valley State Park17:40.4Nicole Blood (Saratoga)
201520:51.52Monroe-Woodbury17:53.50Claire Walters (Fay-Man)
200821:00.27Sunken Meadow18:12.9Courtney Chapman (Fay-Man)
200321:29.87Marcus Whitman18:28.7Nicole Blood (Saratoga)
201122:22.53VVS18:53.8Jillian Fanning (Fay-Man)
201723:01.92Wayne HS17:51.4

Katelyn Tuohy (North Rockland)