Spring Track State Meet Super Standard Moves Toward Vote

As one of the most progressive states for track and field in the country, New York is once again looking to improve upon their state meet format, more specifically in the qualification process. New York already does many things right, with the inclusion of events like the steeplechase and the racewalk, as well as being one of the only states in the country to have a singular state meet, that includes all classes and Federations in a singular location.  Now, they are looking to add a "super-standard" to the spring state meet, to open up a pathway to deserving athletes.

The proposal, which was recommended by a vote of 22-0 in favor by the Spring Track Committee, will now be an action item at the upcoming Central Committee Meeting of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association beginning next Tuesday in Lake Placid.  It will then come to a vote by "four voting members from each of the 11 Sections," as outlined in a blog by the New York Sports Writers Association.

Recent changes regarding track have been the addition of the weight throw for indoor track, as well as the even more recent addition of an at-large possibility for relays indoors too.  This proposal would be another step towards inclusion of deserving athletes to the outdoor state meet.

You can read the Proposal below:

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The relevant precedent comes from the following portion of the NYSPHSAA CHAMPIONSHIP PHILOSOPHY, GUIDELINES and PROCESS

QUALITY vs QUANTITY: The percentage of opportunities for athletes to compete in NYSPHSAA Championships should fall within a designated range of 5% to 8% for all sports. Percentages will be calculated using the number of varsity athletes participating in the sport and the number of competitors in the championship event.

REPRESENTATION: Each Section would be permitted to qualify a minimum of one representative for all NYSPHSAA Championship events. In designated sports, additional At-Large competitors will be selected to complete the tournament structure. NOTE: For combined NYSPHSAA Championships and NYS Federation Championship events, a minimum of one representative from the PSAL, CHSAA, and AIS will be permitted to qualify with additional AtLarge opportunities to be determined by NYSPHSAA.

AT-LARGE COMPETITORS: For designated individual sports, a cap will be established to limit the number of At-Large NYSPHSAA competitors participating in championship events. To be considered for an At-Large position, an athlete must meet the minimum qualifying standard recommended by the Sport Committee and approved by the Executive/Central Committee. NOTE: For combined NYSPHSAA Championships and NYS Federation Championship events, the sport committee will recommend to the Executive Committee the number of At-Large opportunities for the PSAL, CHSAA or AIS

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