Northport Breaks Oldest Record On The Books In 4x800m Win

Greensboro, NC - A week after heartbreak, the boys of Northport came roaring back into the National forefront.  At the New Balance Outdoor Nationals, the quartet from Long Island did some reconfiguration, and came back with a new State Record, and US #5 All-Time performance in the 4x800m.  They ran 7:31.62 to break the long standing 4x800m record set back in 1966.

The biggest change from their State Meet lineup, where they placed runner-up after an early celebration at the line, was the inclusion of twin brother, Isaiah Claiborne.  At States, Claiborne had accepted an invitation to the Brooks PR invite in Seattle, and was pursuing the individual 800m out West.  Added back in on anchor, and there was a significant improvement.  In fact, all four legs set personal bests in the relay to aid to the record.  At States, the splits were 1:57.74, 1:55.47, 1:59.13, and Elijah Claiborne with a 1:53.46 anchor.  At Nationals, removing the third leg, Northport went 1:56.90, 1:53.74, Claiborne at 1:50.10, and then his brother Isaiah on anchor at 1:50.89.

The previous record dates back to the Golden Year of NY Boys Track & Field.  1966 saw two squads break the standing State Record in the 4x800m in the same race, essentially at a tie, and that record has stood ever since.  Likewise, a third team, White Plains, set the 4x400m Record that same year, that lasted until Huntington broke the mark two years ago in 2015.  Now, another Suffolk team has added their name to NY State History.  The Former State Record was set at 7:35.6 in yards, which converts to 7:33.0 in meters.  Northport's mark is two seconds better than that, and four seconds better than the true meter record set by Syosset in 2005.  Not a bad way to end the season.

Former Records
                7:35.6y   ANDREW JACKSON, Queens; CHSAA Coaches', St. John's Univ Jun 7, 1966
                                Julio Meade    1:54.3
                                Bill Jacobs    1:57.3
                                Sam Thomas     1:52.7
                                Mark Ferrell   1:51.3

                 7:35.6y   BOYS, Brooklyn; CHSAA Coaches' Relays, St. John's Univ. Jun 7, 1966
                                Mark Edmead    1:55.3
                                John Henry     1:56.6
                                Mike Randall   1:53.1
                                Jim Jackson    1:50.6

New Record                       
                 7:31.62   NORTHPORT     New Balance Nationals,  Greensboro, NC,  June 16, 2018
                                Thomas Fodor        1:56.90
                                Dan O'Connor        1:53.74    
                                Elijah Claiborne    1:50.10
                                Isaiah Claiborne    1:50.89