The 2018 Great State Meet Recap - Outdoors

Girls Steeplechase

Event Info: 2016 Winner: Megan Reilly (Warwick) 6:45.34, State Record: 6:29.56, Meet Record: 6:33.14

State of the Action

All the drama a weekend could need, boiled down to a single lap.  With 400m to go, Aziza Chigatayeva sprinted away from freshman Brooke Rauber, who had been tailing her much of the race. The two had a minor gap on the field, and a definitive move was needed.  Mary Hennelly had put down a respectable time in the heat before, so sit-and-kick wasn't going to work.  Rauber responded, however, stringing back even, then moving slightly ahead at the water jump.  She began to pull away, throwing in a surge of her own.  But that surging would come two barriers too soon.  Because of the outside waterpit at the facility, the final hurdle lays 10m before the finish line.  With all the lactic acid built up over the last lap, Rauber's trail knee caught the top of the steeple, and down she went.  Dazed, she managed to get up, swaying to Lane 6 in the exhaustion.  She'd cross the line in a new Frosh National Record Mark, but not before Chigatayeva would capitalize, pulling through for the win.  Hard fought competitors during the race, Chigatayeva's first move after crossing the line was to check on the freshman, proving the real camaraderie of the event.

Top Athletes - Overall

Girls 2000 Meter Steeplechase Championship
State Record: S 6:29.56  2011        Brianna Nerud, North Shore                
 Meet Record: M 6:33.14  2011        Mary Kate Anselmini, Ward Melville        
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  H#
  1 Aziza Chigatayeva         12 Brooklyn Tech-1        6:43.04   3 
  2 Brooke Rauber              9 Tully-2                6:45.34   3 
  3 Sarah Trainor             10 FDR-1                  6:47.78   3 
  4 Madison Neuner            11 Liverpool-1            6:51.25   3 
  5 Haleigh Morales           10 North Rockland-1       6:51.28   3 
  6 Mary Hennelly             10 Suffern-1              6:55.02   2 
  7 Mary Borkoski             11 Pearl River-2          6:57.15   3 
  8 Lauryn Heskin              9 Marymount-2            6:58.95   2 
  9 Kaitlyn Chandrika          9 Mount Sinai-2          7:01.26   3 
 10 Molly Ramirez             10 Sachem North-1         7:02.90   2