The 2018 Great State Meet Preview - Outdoors

Girls 3000m

Event Info: 2017 Winner: Jess Lawson (Corning) 9:25.68, State Record: 8:58.48, Meet Record: 9:16.63, State Qualifier Mark (FAT): 9:59.64 (D1) - 10:24.24 (D2)

State of the Action

In an interesting turn, Kelsey Chmiel has opted to only run the 3000m, a break from her usual doubling efforts, which may have had an effect on her 1500m the day after last year.  It's all to set up a duel with Katelyn Tuohy, who must be considered the Top Seed and heavy favorite.  Tuohy broke the long-held National Record in the 3200m at Loucks, and outpaced Chmiel in the same race.  Chmiel did a better job of threatening Tuohy in the Indoor National 2-Mile, and a race like that could bring both of them well under the State Record of 9:13.57.  The State Record eluded Tuohy at Loucks (the hand-timing split was not accepted), so unless NBON has a 3000m split camera, this would be her last shot at it this year.

If anything, Chmiel is going to make the race honest for Tuohy, who will have the 1500m the next day.  It should make for a great race.  There are five other girls under 10mins more, and plenty knocking on the door, but we expect the field to let these two go.

Top Athletes - Overall

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