The 2018 Great State Meet Preview - Outdoors

Girls 100m
Event Info: 2017 Winner: Lanae-Tava Thomas (Rush-Henrietta) 11.89, State Record: 11.40, Meet Record: 11.69, State Qualifier Mark (FAT): 12.54 (D1) - 12.74 (D2)

State of the Action

Of her two Sprints, the 100m is the weaker of the two for Lanae-Tava Thomas, but that doesn't equate to a slow time.  She still leads the field, and managed to double quite well Indoors.  Just like there, Toshel Goffe is the biggest competitor for the title, and will look to take over next year.  Also of note are two Upstate Freshman, who have dipped under 12-seconds already, proving the sport should be strong for years to come.

Top Athletes - Overall