The 2018 Great State Meet Preview - Outdoors

Girls 4x400m
Event Info: 2017 Winner: West Babylon 3:44.60, State Record: 3:39.77, Meet Record: 3:42.60, State Qualifier Mark (FAT): 3:56.64 (D1) - 4:04.64 (D2)

State of the Action

Middle Country has been the surprise relay squad of the Spring Season.  For reference, their best mark from Indoors was a 4:19.73, not even breaking into the Top 100 in the State.  Well, most likely adding in some basketball players, and some heavy training, they now lead the state with fastest time of the year.  Freeport too is a newcomer to the top level, ranked only NY #17 Indoors, but they too have made big strides.  Long Island could be looking to sweep the Top 3 slots, with Hempstead right in the mix.

Top Athletes - Overall