The 2018 Great State Meet Preview - Outdoors

Girls Steeplechase

Event Info: 2017 Winner: Alex Harris (North Rockland) 6:45.28, State Record: 6:29.56, Meet Record: 6:33.14, State Qualifier Mark (FAT): 7:06.54 (D1) - 7:24.04 D2)

State of the Action

The Steeple field is as loaded as ever, with 8-girls seeded under 7mins.  That was how many actually broke it at the meet last year, and you can expect that number to rise in 2018.  Of those 8 girls, all of them are underclassmen, signaling a great competition for years to come.  Mary Borkoski leads, but only just, over Sarah Trainor and Frosh National Record Holder, Kaitlyn ChandrikaBrooke Rauber was the first girl out from the Sub-7 group last year, and will be chasing Chandrika for that National Record.  The rest of the field is just as capable to making moves up the rankings, and if the field decides to go, it could be a fast race.

Top Athletes - Overall