Top 10 Loucks Games Races We're Most Excited For, Ranked

#10 - Boys Mile

When: Saturday, May 12th @ 11:25am

Why: While it may not be the marquee distance event that the 3200m is for Loucks, the Mile is quite loaded up.  Typically, you get a few spillovers from the day before, as the distance runners try to double, but 2018 sees some strong contenders at the top.  We expect some scratches to come, but the potential is here, with the Top 5 entries all coming in with bests under 4:15.  Leading the local field is Isaiah Claiborne (Northport), who brings his 4:10.96 from Indoor Nationals to the table.  He'll be trying to fend off Sam Affolder (Loudoun Valley, VA), whose brother is well known at the Loucks Games, after a strong 3200m run in years past.  Affolder ran 4:10.97 at Millrose, providing a very even matchup.  However, Matthew Payamps (Saint Anthony's) has split 4:08 in the DMR, and is entered here with partner Mason Gatewood (Saint Anthony's), who has gone 4:12.87 in the open, himself.  Both are entered in the 3200m, and could come in tired.  Rounding out your top seeds is Greg Fusco (Somers) at 4:14.60, which could be right in the mix.

The Top 17 seeds are under 4:20, so expect the top flight to be ready to go.  With someone playing pacing duties, this could be a fast one.

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