Katelyn Tuohy Runs National Leading Mile At Local Invite

While this weekend's meet for North Rockland may not have the prestige of the Penn Relays, of which they were the defending DMR Champions, it didn't slow down any of the performances.  Particularly, sophomore Katelyn Tuohy didn't let the field slow her down, as she ran away with the Mile title in a similar fashion to much of her indoor career.

Steady pacing of nearly 70-seconds a lap, Tuohy ran to a winning mark of 4:43.66.  That is good for US #1 by nearly two seconds, including any 1600m conversions.  Many of the Top 10 marks in the US came from large invitationals, where plenty of competition was pushing the pace.

"I wasn't going in trying to break any records," said Tuohy to the local paper, The Journal News. "We had a big week of training. My legs weren't fresh."

And yet, Tuohy did break the meet record, formerly held by Mary Cain, although that mark came from a more relaxed time in Cain's career.  Tuohy's mark nearly matches her Indoor Personal best of 4:43.62 to win the Millrose Trials. And even though it doesn't count as a personal best, Tuohy also split under 4:40 for the 1600m leg in the DMR to win the Indoor National Title, proving she has more in the tank

The State Record for the Mile is held by Cain as well, at 4:39.28, which is well within reach for the Sophomore.

Event 31  Girls 1 Mile Run Varsity
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  H#
  1 Tuohy, Katelyn               North Rockland         4:43.66   1 
   1:09.759 (1:09.759)    2:19.665 (1:09.906)     3:31.362 (1:11.698)
   4:43.653 (1:12.292)
  2 Timm, Caroline               Lourdes                5:09.57   1 
    1:12.525 (1:12.525)   2:28.996 (1:16.472)     3:50.556 (1:21.560)
    5:09.569 (1:19.013)
  3 Kenny, Aoife                 Baccalaureat           5:22.74   1 
    1:17.375 (1:17.375)   2:39.526 (1:22.152)     4:02.898 (1:23.372)
    5:22.733 (1:19.836)
  4 Freeman, Katie               Fox Lane               5:30.89   1 
    1:21.444 (1:21.444)   2:46.142 (1:24.699)     4:11.750 (1:25.609)
    5:30.881 (1:19.131)
  5 Clinton, Erin                Pearl River            5:30.90   1 
    1:20.400 (1:20.400)   2:47.443 (1:27.044)     4:14.386 (1:26.943)
    5:30.894 (1:16.508)