Reminder: MileSplit Online Entry System Free-To-Use, Coaches Set Up Via Wizard

Attention to all meet directors and timers, we wanted to remind you of our Online Registration offering as we head into the Spring Season. MileSplit's Online Registration, a free service offered to coaches, timers, and meet directors harnesses the power of MileSplit's database to make the entry process easy for users. You can learn more about Milesplit Online Registration HERE.

For more details about NY Registration, feel free to email us at

To access the new Meet Manager interface go to your meet and click on the "Meet Manager" icon in the top right of MileSplit NY.

The layout for Meet Manager displays information across logical tabs. Below is a guide to where you can find all the information you need for your meet.

Meet Setup
The Setup page will allow you to set all of the basic meet information such as the meet name and information, date, and venue. On this page, you can determine if you want to password protect the meet so that only teams you want can enter the meet or if it is open to the public.  Additionally, you can set the entry window from the Setup Page. Note that the Payment Options portion of this page displays options for your payments and meet maximums. Base entry fees are set on the "Divisions" tab

Download Entries
You can access the "Download Entries" screen from any tab by clicking on the button on the top ribbon or clicking the "Entries" Tab.

This will take you to the "Entries" tab which gives you the ability to download entries in all of the most used formats such as Hytek, MileSplit's RaceTab, a CSV, or many others.  All options are available on the right-hand section of the page.

Mass Email
Like Download Entries, this feature is highlighted on the top ribbon. The only way to get to the Mass Email screen is through the "Send Mass Email" on the top ribbon. From here you can choose who you want to send an email to and where it comes from. Using the General Variables, you can send tailored emails so that each recipient receives applicable information specific to them.

Meet Managers can now create and edit divisions through the "Divisions" tab. On the right-hand side, there is a "Create Division" button which will prompt you to enter the relevant details. Clicking into a division will allow you to set information such as who can enter in the division, required fields for entry and base entry fees. Note that you can Clone a Division to easily copy over information into a new division. 


From the teams tab you can see all teams entered, how many entries they have, and their balance. By clicking on a team, contact information and payment history will appear. Additionally, from the teams tab you can download the information into a CSV to easily get all information quickly.


The events tab will allow you to see your current events, how many entries you have in a given event, as well as create a new event. Clicking on an event will allow you to see basic information as well as set maximum entries per team and for the meet for that specific event.

Meet Results

Meet directors and timers can upload results to MileSplit by clicking the "Add Content" button and then selecting results.


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