Live Updates From New Balance Indoor Nationals

Armory, NYC - We're here at Nationals, bringing you all the action as it happens.  Tune in all weekend as the best in the country converge for a single race.  It's time to crown your National Champions!

FRIDAY, March 9

9:00am EE 60m H Trials
9:50am EE 60m Trials
10:40am EE 2 Mile FINAL
11:55am EE 400m FINAL (sections)
12:50pm EE 60m H FINAL
1:10pm EE 60m FINAL
1:30pm EE Sprint Medley Relay FINAL
2:30pm EE 200 Trials
3:05pm G - 5000 meters (slower section) FINAL
3:30pm B - 5000 meters (slower section) FINAL
3:55pm EE 4x800m FINAL
5:15pm G - 5000 meters (fast section) FINAL
5:40pm B - 5000 meters (fast section) FINAL
6:05pm EE 4x200m FINAL
6:55pm EE 800m FINAL
7:30pm EE 200m FINAL
7:35pm G - Distance Medley FINAL
7:55pm B - Distance Medley FINAL
8:20pm EE 4x400m FINAL

9:00am G - EE Shot Put FINAL
9:00am G - EE Long Jump FINAL
9:30am G - EE Pole Vault FINAL Unseeded
12:00pm G - EE Pole Vault FINAL Seeded
12:00pm B - EE Shot Put FINAL
12:00pm B - EE Long Jump FINAL
2:00pm B - EE High Jump FINAL
2:00pm G - EE High Jump FINAL
3:00pm B - EE Pole Vault FINAL Unseeded
3:00pm G - EE Triple Jump FINAL
3:00pm G - EE Weight Throw FINAL
6:00pm  B - EE Pole Vault FINAL Seeded
6:00pm B - EE Triple Jump FINAL
6:00pm B - EE Weight Throw FINAL
6:00pm G - High Jump FINAL


SATURDAY, March 10

60m Hurdles G - 8:15am B - 8:00am
Shot Put G - 9:15am (estimated) B - 11:15am (estimated)
Long Jump G - 10:30am (estimated) (pit 1) B - 9:15am (estimated) (pit 2)
High Jump G - 12:30pm (estimated) (pit 1) B - 1:15pm (estimated) (pit 2)
800m / 1000m G - 2:30pm (estimated) B - 3:15pm (estimated)

8:30am G - One Mile Walk FINAL
8:45am B - One Mile Walk FINAL
9:00am 60m Dash G/B Trials
9:55am 60m Hurdles G/B Trials
10:40am B - Shuttle Hurdles FINAL
11:15am G - Shuttle Hurdles FINAL
11:35am G - 4x200m Relay Trials
12:00pm B - 4x200m Relay Trials
12:30pm G - 4x1 Mile Relay FINAL
1:10pm B - 4x1 Mile Relay FINAL
1:55pm G - Sprint Medley FINAL
2:40pm B - Sprint Medley FINAL
3:05pm EE Mile G/B FINALS
3:35pm G - 400m Trials
3:55pm B - 400m Trials
4:10pm G - Freshman 400m FINAL
4:45pm B - Freshman 400m FINAL
5:35pm G - 200m Trials
5:55pm B - 200m Trials
6:15pm G - 4x800m Relay FINAL
7:00pm B - 4x800m Relay FINAL
7:45pm Mixed (G/B) 4x400m Relay (new) FINAL

12:00noon B - Pole Vault FINAL Unseeded
12:00noon B - Long Jump FINAL
2:00pm G - Shot Put FINAL
3:00pm B - Pole Vault FINAL Seeded
4:30pm G - Long Jump FINAL
5:00pm B - Shot Put FINAL
5:00pm B - High Jump FINAL


SUNDAY, March 11

8:30am G/B - Junior High School Mile (new) FINALS
9:00am G/B - Freshman Mile FINALS
9:40am G/B - 2 Mile Runs Unseeded sections
10:10am 800m FINAL - all but top section
10:40am Freshman 60m Dash G/B Trials
11:00am G -- 60m Hurdles Semis
11:10am B -- 60m Hurdles Semis
11:20am G -- 60m Dash Semis
11:30am B -- 60m Dash Semis
11:40am Freshman 60m Dash G/B FINALS
11:50am One Mile Run FINAL - all but top section
12:15am G - 4x400m Relay FINAL - all but top section
12:30am B - 4x400m Relay FINAL - all but top section
12:45pm Opening Ceremonies  
12:55pm G - 4x200m Relay FINAL
1:03pm B - 4x200m Relay FINAL
1:11pm G - 2 Mile Run FINAL
1:26pm B - 2 Mile Run FINAL
1:41pm G - 60m Hurdles FINAL
1:49pm B - 60m Hurdles FINAL
1:57pm G - 60m Dash FINAL
2:05pm B - 60m Dash FINAL
2:13pm G - 400m FINAL
2:21pm B - 400m FINAL
2:29pm G - One Mile Run FINAL (top section)
2:39pm B - One Mile Run FINAL (top section)
2:49pm G - 800m FINAL (top section)
2:54pm B - 800m FINAL (top section)
2:59pm G - 200m FINAL
3:03pm B - 200m FINAL
3:07pm G - 4x400m Relay FINAL (top section)
3:14pm B - 4x400m Relay FINAL (top section)

9:30am G - Weight Throw FINAL
10:00am G - Pole Vault FINAL Unseeded
10:00am B - Triple Jump FINAL
12:30pm B - Weight Throw FINAL
1:00pm G - Triple Jump FINAL
1:00pm G - Pole Vault FINAL Seeded