Which Girls Team Rules The State? State Team Rankings Unveiled

MileSplit HQ - We've hit the end point in our Indoor Season, and it's time to take a lay of the land.  While other states around the country hold team competitions at the state level as their main focus, New York is more focused on the individual. We do include team scoring at the state meet, but we thought to go one step further. We took all season bests, and scored them against each other as if they were one giant meet. Below, you'll find the results, and our picks for the top team in New York State, by the numbers.

All-Time Rankings By Event






Calculated as of February 16th, 2018

These rankings were calculated by scoring the rankings as a meet. We took the individual rankings and relay rankings and scored them as a normal meet: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1.