A History Of High Schoolers Running Amongst The Pro's At Millrose

2017 Girls Pt 1

Sammy Watson (Rush-Henrietta, NY) was setting records left and right in 2017, but the 800m was by far the hardest. Once held by Mary Decker, Sammy Watson went just under, claiming the record first, at the Millrose Games. The 800m record would be joined by the 600m and the 1000m later in the season, among numerous indoor and outdoor state titles. Watson would eventually make the Olympic Trial finals in the event that summer.

Womens  800 Meter 	 	 Elite 
      Athlete                 Yr   Team                           Time
1     Wilson, Ajee                 adidas                     1:58.27 
2     Lipsey, Charlene             adidas                     1:58.64 
3     Sharp, Lynsey                Great Britain              2:01.14 
4     Fedronic, Justine            Nike                       2:01.36 
5     Barowski, Cecilia            HOKA NJNY                  2:01.52 
6     Watson, Samantha             Henrietta, NY              2:01.78 
7     Baker, Olivia           JR-3 Stanford                   2:05.00 
8     Westaway, Jenna              Brooks                     2:06.32 

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