Final Foot Locker Regional Speed Rating Merge

There is only one cross country race left this season (minus the Great Edinburgh Cross Country Meet on Jan 13th, 2018 in Scotland, where juniors can contest), and the fields are finally settled.  80 of the best male and female HS athletes will descend on San Diego, all for the express purposes of contesting the Foot Locker National Title.  To get there, they had to place Top 10 in their Regional.  As a look at the competition ahead, we merged those results, based on Speed Ratings.  The result is below.

Note: These do not represent final predictions, as some athlete may have simply cruised for a Top 10 slot in their Regional

Girls Merge - Boys Merge

A speed rating is a number attributed to an XC performance, roughly one point per three seconds, adjusted for overall race quality and depth.