From The Archives - Full Federation Meet History

It's time for the New York Federation Championships.  There is plenty of history at stake here, as this was once considered to be the best champion-season meet in the country for team battles.  While the post-season has expanded a bit since the meets inception in 1974, the race is no less stacked, as several national caliber teams are set to take to the hills of Bowdoin Park tomorrow afternoon.  Check out all the history behind the event below.

11/18/2017 - Bowdoin Park

Meet Preview

Girls Race - 12:15pm               Boys Race 1:00pm

Entries                                        Entries

Federation Top 5 Finishers:  Boys (1974-2016) - Girls (1976-2016)   

Federation Teams Sorted By Section:  Boys - Girls

Federation Individuals Sorted By Section:  Boys - Girls


Full Results Available For The Fed Meets Below