What Were Some Fan Favorite XC State Meet Courses From The Sectional Rotation System?

Yesterday, we unveiled the course walkthrough for the 2017 NYSPHSAA State Championships for Cross Country.  For the first time ever, it is being held at Wayne High School, in Section 5.  It is also the penultimate time the State Meet will be awarded based on a rotating schedule.  After the meet lands in Sunken Meadow in 2018, then Plattsburgh in 2019, the selection process will move to a bid system, where a Section can bid for the meet for a term of three years.  The meet doesn't have to stay at the same site for those three years, but will be located within that Section.

So what better time than to look back and reflect?  We polled a handful of coaches from across the state, who combine for a collective 100+ appearances at the State Championships over the past decade and beyond.  We asked, simply, which course was your favorite, and why?  See if your favorite made the list, then check out the full break down of every location ever used, in the meets current format.  Enjoy!

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Coaches Poll: What Was Your Favorite XC State Meet Course Of All Time?


"I'd have to give it to Sunken Meadow.  The course is great for spectators, it's wide open, and it has some decent hills, without them being overkill.  It just seems to have a nice balance of everything, a good starting area, nice finish, and plenty of parking."

Dan Doherty, Pearl River (Sec. 1) - 30+ State Meets

"I think that the Queensbury course is the best for the runners and spectators. Of our wins, the one at Sunken Meadow was perhaps the most memorable. Rhinebeck was the favorite team coming in, and had three in before our first. Then we had six or seven in before their fourth girl, and we won the meet.

But actually my absolute favorite course is Van Cortlandt.  Ran it for the first time in 1958. My father ran with Paavo Nurmi there in the 20s. It has history, and unfortunately that's what our State Meets lack going from place to place each year."
Jim MItchell, Bronxville (Sec. 1)


"The course at Warwick had one of the best starts and finishes for a state meet.  It was also very spectator friendly.  You can say almost the same thing about the VVS State Meet course."

Bill Aris, FM (Sec. 3)


If I had to pick just one, I'm going to say the Lake Placid course , near their USOC rifle range. Challenging course but well groomed. You look up and see the ski jump area. We parked our bus, and never needed it because the course, hotel and restaurant were right within walking distance.

Rich Bernstein, Ithaca (Sec. 4)


"I like tough courses that really test fitness and mental toughness.  My top courses include Lake Placid 1998 and the Van Courtlandt Park 5k.  I really like the Elma Meadows Golf Course , but we haven't been able to run on it since 2012.  It's a great, tough, spectator friendly course on a golf course.  How do you beat that?

Next to that I would say the Monroe-Woodbury course.  Definitely the toughest course ever with it's hill at the mile and three at the two mile mark.  Maybe a little excessive and I never thought I would say that about a course. M-W really separated the levels of competition.  You couldn't fake it there.  And of course any time we can bring home double state titles that's going to be a coach's favorite."

Walt McLaughlin, East Aurora (Sec. 6)

"Bowdoin Park has always been my favorite course because you can just feel the energy throughout.  Being such a fan-friendly course just adds to the excitement of the race."
Neal Levy, North Shore (Sec. 8)

"Personally I love Warwick Valley's course because it rolls and turns constantly and offers nearly complete spectator visibility. I love Elma Meadows as well because it also rolls and has a midway point that's great for spectating and also strategizing."
Rich Furst, Goshen, formerly Warwick (Sec. 9)
"Monroe-Woodbury was my favorite state meet course; it felt like a true mix of all things XC ... grass, trail, flats, hills, and all toughness. The second half of that course in particular was pure mental discipline."

Daniel Schaub, Sachem East (Sec. 11)

State Meet Location By Year (See by Section below)

1950Nov. 18Schenectady, New York2mi.
1951Nov. 17Schenectady, New York2mi.
1952Nov. 15Schenectady, New York2mi.
1953Nov. 14Schenectady, New York2mi.
1954Nov. 15Schenectady, New York2.5mi.
1955Nov. 12Bear Mountain State Park2.5mi.
1956Nov. 10Baldwinsville High School2.3mi.
1957Nov. 9Salisbury Park, Long Island2.5mi.
1958Nov. 8Colgate University, Hamilton2.5mi.
1959Nov. 14Colgate University, Hamilton2.5mi.
1960Nov. 12Mohansic Golf Course, Yorktown Heights2.5mi.
1961Nov. 11Blue Mountain Reservation, Peekskill2.5mi.
1962Nov. 10Watertown2.5mi.
1963Nov. 11Bear Mountain State Park, Bear Mountain2.5mi.
1964Nov. 14Baldwinsville2.3mi.
1965Nov. 13Bear Mountain State Park, Bear Mountain2.5mi.
1966Nov. 12Chenango Valley High School, Binghamton2.5mi.
1967Nov. 11Elma Meadow, Buffalo2.5mi.
1968Nov. 9Sunken Meadow State Park, Kings Park Long Island2.5mi.
SUNY Albany, Albany2.5mi.
Croton Point Park, Westchester2.5mi.
1971Nov. 13Onondaga Central School, Nedrow2.5mi.
Rochester Institute Of Technology, Rochester2.5mi.
1973Nov. 10SUNY Binghamton, Binghamton2.5mi.
1974Nov. 9Sunken Meadow State Park, Kings Park Long Island3mi.
1975Nov. 8Elma Meadows Golf Course, Elma3mi.
1976Nov. 13Bear Mountain State Park, Bear Mountain3mi.
1976Nov. 13Bear Mountain State Park, Bear Mountain3mi.
1977Nov. 5Malone Golf Course, Malone3mi.
1977Nov. 5Malone Golf Course, Malone3mi.
1978Nov. 11James Baird State Park, Poughkeepsie5K
1979Nov. 10Green Lakes State Park, Syracuse5K
1980Nov. 8Great Neck South High School, Long Island5K
1981Nov. 7Malone Golf Course, Malone5K
1982Nov. 13Community College Of The Finger Lakes, Canandaigua5K
1983Nov. 12James Baird State Park, Poughkeepsie5K
1984Nov. 10Saratoga State Park, Saratoga5K
1985Nov. 9SUNY Binghamton, Binghamton5K
1986Nov. 9Elma Meadow Golf Course, Elma5K
1987Nov. 14New York Tech, Long Island (Section 8)5K
1988Nov. 12Lake Placid5K
1989Nov. 11Bowdoin Park, Wappingers Falls5K
1990Nov. 10Green Lakes State Park, Fayetteville5K
1991Nov. 9Elma Meadows Golf Course, Elma5K
1992Nov. 14Sunken Meadows State Park, Huntington5K
1993Nov. 13Stuart Park, Newark5K
1994Nov. 12SUNY Albany, Albany5K
1995Nov. 11Corning Community College, Corning5K
1996Nov. 9St. Lawrence5K
1997Nov. 8New York Institute Of Technology5K
1998Nov. 14Mt. Van Hoevenburg, Lake Placid5K
1999Nov. 13SUNY Westchester Community College, Valhalla5K
2000Nov. 11SUNY Utica Tech5K
2001Nov. 11Elma Meadows Golf Course, Elma5K
2002Nov. 9Sunken Meadows State Park, Huntington5K
2003Nov. 8Marcus Whitman High School, Rushville5K
2004Nov. 13Chenango Valley State Park, Chenango Forks5K
2005Nov. 12Queensbury5K
2006Nov. 11Warwick Valley5K
2007Nov. 10Norwood-Norfolk High School, Norwood5K
2008Nov. 8Sunken Meadows5K
2009Nov. 14SUNY Plattsburgh5K
2010Nov. 13Lakeside Park, Pawling5K
2011Nov. 12Vernon-Verona-Sherill High School, Verona5K
2012Nov. 10Elma Meadows Golf Course5K
2013Nov. 9Queensbury High School5K
2014Nov. 8SUNY Canton5K
2015Nov. 14Monroe-Woodbury High School, Woodbury5K
2016Nov. 12Chenango Valley High School, Binghamton5K

State Meet Location By Section

Sec. 1Bear Mountain State Park1955
Sec. 1Mohansic Golf Course, Yorktown Heights1960
Sec. 1Blue Mountain Reservation, Peekskill1961
Sec. 1Bear Mountain State Park, Bear Mountain1963
Sec. 1Bear Mountain State Park, Bear Mountain1965
Sec. 1Croton Point Park, Westchester1970
Sec. 1Bear Mountain State Park, Bear Mountain1976
Sec. 1Bear Mountain State Park, Bear Mountain1976
Sec. 1James Baird State Park, Poughkeepsie1978
Sec. 1James Baird State Park, Poughkeepsie1983
Sec. 1Bowdoin Park, Wappingers Falls1989
Sec. 1SUNY Westchester Community College, Valhalla1999
Sec. 1Lakeside Park, Pawling2010
Sec. 2Schenectady, New York1950
Sec. 2Schenectady, New York1951
Sec. 2Schenectady, New York1952
Sec. 2Schenectady, New York1953
Sec. 2Schenectady, New York1954
Sec. 2SUNY Albany, Albany1969
Sec. 2Saratoga State Park, Saratoga1984
Sec. 2SUNY Albany, Albany1994
Sec. 2Queensbury2005
Sec. 2Queensbury High School2013
Sec. 3Baldwinsville High School1956
Sec. 3Colgate University, Hamilton1958
Sec. 3Colgate University, Hamilton1959
Sec. 3Watertown1962
Sec. 3Baldwinsville1964
Sec. 3Onondaga Central School, Nedrow1971
Sec. 3Green Lakes State Park, Syracuse1979
Sec. 3Green Lakes State Park, Fayetteville1990
Sec. 3New York Institute Of Technology1997
Sec. 3SUNY Utica Tech2000
Sec. 3Vernon-Verona-Sherill High School, Verona2011
Sec. 4Chenango Valley High School, Binghamton1966
Sec. 4SUNY Binghamton, Binghamton1973
Sec. 4SUNY Binghamton, Binghamton1985
Sec. 4Stuart Park, Newark1993
Sec. 4Corning Community College, Corning1995
Sec. 4Chenango Valley State Park, Chenango Forks2004
Sec. 4Chenango Valley High School, Binghamton2016
Sec. 5Rochester Institute Of Technology, Rochester1972
Sec. 5Community College Of The Finger Lakes, Canandaigua1982
Sec. 5Marcus Whitman High School, Rushville2003
Sec. 6Elma Meadow, Buffalo1967
Sec. 6Elma Meadows Golf Course, Elma1975
Sec. 6Elma Meadow Golf Course, Elma1986
Sec. 6Elma Meadows Golf Course, Elma1991
Sec. 6Elma Meadows Golf Course, Elma2001
Sec. 6Elma Meadows Golf Course2012
Sec. 7Lake Placid1988
Sec. 7Mt. Van Hoevenburg, Lake Placid1998
Sec. 7SUNY Plattsburgh2009
Sec. 8Salisbury Park, Long Island1957
Sec. 8Great Neck South High School, Long Island1980
Sec. 8New York Tech, Long Island (Section 8)1987
Sec. 9Warwick Valley2006
Sec. 9Monroe-Woodbury High School, Woodbury2015
Sec. 10Malone Golf Course, Malone1977
Sec. 10Malone Golf Course, Malone1977
Sec. 10Malone Golf Course, Malone1981
Sec. 10St. Lawrence1996
Sec. 10Norwood-Norfolk High School, Norwood2007
Sec. 10SUNY Canton2014
Sec. 11Sunken Meadow State Park, Kings Park Long Island1968
Sec. 11Sunken Meadow State Park, Kings Park Long Island1974
Sec. 11Sunken Meadows State Park, Huntington1992
Sec. 11Sunken Meadows State Park, Huntington2002
Sec. 11Sunken Meadows2008