2017 NY Boys XC Preview: Class C

Watkins GlenSenecas

Section: 4Class: CColors: Navy and Maroon

The Watkins Glen Senecas filled up the ranks at the front of the Section 4 Class C race last year.
XC History
States Teams: 2011 (C-4th), 2015 (C-2nd) 2016 (C-1st)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Keith Callanan (1975, C-3rd), Matt Gill (2012, C-4th) (2013, D-2nd), Patrick Hazlitt (2016, C-3rd), Shawn Rutledge (2016, C-6th), Gabe Planty (2016, C-8th)

Last Year's Summary: 4th in NXN-NY, 1st in Federation, 1st in States C, 1st in Sectionals C


NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Gabe Planty10238th in Federation8170
Aaron Planty12512th in Manhattan-G18163
Sean Holland12923rd in Manhattan-G33154
Daniel Paradiso12128th in IAC
Sam Thorsland10102nd in IAC-JV
Max Evans91649th in McQuaid-A
Conlin Wysocki12
3rd in IAC-JV
This Year's Outlook
The Senecas lose three States medalists to graduation but still will have the most powerful lineup in Class C. Gabe and Aaron Planty and Sean Holland return with a huge amount of States, Feds, and NXN-NY experience, and senior Daniel Paradiso and younger guys Sam Thorsland and Max Evans appear well able to fill the holes in Watkins Glen's lineup very adequately.

Mount AcademyEagles

Section: 9Class: CColors: Blue and yellow

The battle between Mount Academy and Watkins Glen is on display as the Eagles' Darryl Blough and Bernard King mix it up with the Senecas' Sam Hanley and Aaron Planty.
XC History
States Teams: 2012 (D-1st), 2013 (D-1st), 2014 (C-2nd), 2015 (C-3rd), 2016 (C-2nd)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Rufus Wareham (2012, D-4th) Keith Baird (2013, D-4th) (2014, C-2nd)

Last Year's Summary: 9th in NXN-NY, 7th in Federation, 2nd in States C, 1st in Sectionals C


NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Travis Meier10-2nd in OCIAA-JV
Adam King12925th in OCIAA78149
Edwin Moody12
3rd in OCIAA-JV
Nate Kurtz12
5th in OCIAA-JV
Zachary Bollar12
9th in OCIAA-JV
Tristan Moody10
8th in Section 1 Coaches-JV55141
Aaron Waldner10
11th in OCIAA-JV
This Year's Outlook
Though it's rare to have a Class C team get its varsity so thoroughly cleaned out by graduation as Mount's was last year, it happens, even to 2nd-place teams at States. But with a robust 2016 JV crew mainly returning with solid numbers and the expectation that the Eagles will get their usual pack developed, another battle at States between Watkins Glen and Mount seems pretty likely. Sophomore Travis Meier and lone varsity returner Adam King could be the front guys on this year's team.


Section: 1Class: CColors: Green and white

Pleasantville senior Robert Feeney (green uni, in middle) is top returning Panther from last year's States race.
XC History
States Teams: 1966 (C-1st), 1967 (C-2nd), 2013 (C-3rd), 2014 (C-3rd), 2015 (C-4th)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Pete Freyburg (1966, C-5th), Jerry. Mimnaugh (1967, C-7th), Aidan McDermott (2015, C-8th)

Last Year's Summary: 2nd in Sectionals C


NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Robert Feeney12418th in Westchester County41157
Drew Dipietro1085th in Six Flags-Frosh-B80149
Aidan Lynch10134th in Six Flags-Frosh-B
Mateo Rodriguez115212th in Leagues
Ryan Dirgins10
25th in Leagues
Benjamin Trombetta12
18th in Leagues
Andrew Scardina11
84th in Brewster Bear-2
This Year's Outlook
Pleasantville had a three-year Sectionals winning streak snapped last year during a season of many injuries and changes. This year Feeney and Dipietro should be back with States experience, but beyond that the Panthers are a bit of a mystery.

Vernon-Verona-SherrillRed Devils

Section: 3Class: CColors: Red and white

Vernon-Verona-Sherrill's Owen Walker (no. 338) was in the States B race for the Red Devils last year.
XC History
States Teams: 1964 (B-3rd)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): John Thorpe (1967, B-8th), Colin Baughman (1997, B-8th)

Last Year's Summary: 6th in Sectionals B


NameGradeSect. Place (B)Top Notes States Results (B)Season TR
Owen Walker1232nd in New Hartford-Lg74167
Owen Rose121711th in Balwinsville-Sm
Spencer Walker102416th in V-V-S-1
Robbie Vandresar114117th in Balwinsville-Sm
Trevor Kline127015th in TVL
This Year's Outlook
VVS may have fallen down to Class C at the right time, because even with a thin roster the Red Devils may have enough power to win the traditionally tough S3-C this year. Owen Walker returns from States experience in the B race last year, and fellow senior Owen Rose may help give the team enough of a presence at top along with Walker's younger brother Spencer to unseat defending champ Marcellus at Sectionals.

Putnam ValleyTigers

Section: 1Class: CColors: Blue and white

Putnam Valley's Conor VanRiper was front and center in the States C race as he ran to a 19th place medal.
XC History
States Teams: 

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers):

Last Year's Summary: 3rd in Sectionals C


NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Conor VanRiper1232nd in Somers-219164
Michael Tompkins10916th in Northern Counties
Joseph Abate121514th in Northern Counties
Trevor Earle123756th in Northern Counties
Kenneth Eckenberg124745th in Northern Counties
John Percorino105652nd in Northern Counties
This Year's Outlook
Putnam Valley finished 3rd in S1-C last year but has almost the full squad back including States medalist Conor VanRiper, so the Tigers could be challenging for the title this year.

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