The Art Of Sport: One Athlete's Collection

Track teams can be a full collective of different mindsets, abilities, and outlooks.  Some see the world through the eyes of a competitor, others through the eyes of an artist.

Richard Kish, a senior from Beacon HS, is both.  As a jumper for the Section 1 power, Kish has hit nearly 20ft in the Long Jump, while well over 40ft in the Triple Jump.  However, after countless hours logged in at local facilities, it was their design that caught his eye.

For his Senior Art Project, Kish decided to explore these facilities much of his high school career has been spent in.  He's painted five pieces of track and field facilities, and intends to expand the collection further outdoors.  We've decided to share these with you below.  Enjoy

Table of Contents

Armory 1

Armory 2

Ocean Breeze

Rockland Community College

Cox Cage (Yale)