2016 Boys' New York State Meet Preview

Boys Class D - Individuals

Breakdown: One year ago, Kyle Fulk took 8th place in the New York State meet, setting himself up as the third fastest returner in Class D.  Flash forward to this fall, and Fulk has been separating himself from the pack ever since.  He is the only Class D athlete in the State's Top 40, and has averaged over a 180 speed rating for every major race this season. However, Fulk isn't unbeatable.  Mike Peppy had a very strong Sectional, placing 2nd overall in the merge.  That kind of push can get him closer to the front.  Dylan Canarelli is vying with Peppy for those valuable team points, and his only major loss has been to Fulk at McQuaid.  Caleb Moore is the top returner in the field, and could make a jump here as well.

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