Speed Rating National Merge - Week 6

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MileSplit HQ - We're finally into the thick of things here in cross country, and all across the nation, the cards are on the table.  Teams may be peaking for different seasons, but all the major players  have had at least one major race under their belts.  We begin to see the perennial favorites emerge in their respective regions, while seeing newcomers like Yucaipa Girls and Palmers Ridge Boys break through.  As we get further into October, Top 7's will be decided, and the rapid improvements will smooth out.

As it stands, the Southwest boys seem to be the most dominant force, as Utah has 8 male individuals within the Nation's Top 25.  That will begin to change, as the rest of the nations' invitational season rolls around.  Great American and Manhattan each give the East Coast something to talk about, while Mt. Sac comes into play in California.  Things are only heating up!

What is the Speed Rating National Merge?

MileSplit NY has partnered with TullyRunners to provide a running merge of the Nation's top performances. In short, a speed rating is a number attributed to an XC performance, roughly one point per three seconds, adjusted for overall race quality and depth. Using these numbers, we can compare apples to apples, in terms of XC times and teams. It provides an answer to the hypothetical question, "What would happen if the best teams in the nation all raced at once?," thus giving us a National Ranking. However, these do not predict the outcome of NXN. These predict the outcome assuming every athlete in the race is having their best race of the season. NXN has many variables that affect that outcome. More can be read about the calculation of speed ratings by clicking here.

Note: The McDaniel-Baxter Pre-States meet was inadvertently left out of the Individual results. For the girls, Jessica Lawson of Corning NY should be listed at the top of the list at 154.20, and Katelyn Tuohy of North Rockland NY should be in the then 6th position at 147.70. For the boys, Kevin Moshier of Corning should be in the 17th spot at 188.13.

Without further adieu, here they are...

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