Watson Second, Tooker Third at New Balance Grand Prix Invite Mile in Boston

It quickly became a two-girl race for the Junior Girls Title.  Stephanie Jenks, all the way from Iowa, was leading Sammy Watson with 300m.  As is typical for Watson, who has the best 400m speed of any miler in the country, she began to move past the triathlete, Jenks.  Jenks stuck close to the junior from Rush-Henrietta to the final straightaway.  Uncharacteristically, Watson only just eased up at the line, and the senior from Iowa, made the dive for the win.

Lily Flynn, of Ursuline, clocked a 7th place finish.  The mark ranks her the third fastest freshmen miler in the States history, just behind Nicole Blood and Caitlin Lane.  Ironically, Kelsey Chmiel, who is the current Miler at the same school as Lane and Blood, took ninth in the race, for an impressive mark as well.

Girls One Mile Run Finals

1Stephanie Jenks12Linn-Mar High School4:47.48
2Sammy Watson11Rush Henrietta Sperry4:47.49
3Margie Cullen12Needham High School4:50.15
4Sarah Edwards12Bellingham High School4:51.13
5Sarah Armstrong12Needham High School4:51.41
6Maegan Doody12Oyster River High School4:52.30
7Lily Flynn9Ursuline School4:53.71
8Eliza Rego12La Salle Academy4:54.79
9Kelsey Chmiel9Saratoga Springs4:56.18
10Leya Salis11Bedford High School4:56.64
11Aislinn Devlin11Downingtown West4:58.13

The sole representative of the Empire State, Aidan Tooker took after the leaders three laps in.  Thomas Ratcliffe, a senior from Massachussetts, who had been putting up 2-Mile times similar to Tooker, played leader for a majority of the race.  The two pushed the pace to it's limits, but steadily behind, Jack Salisbury, one third of the contingent from La Salle Academy, was steadily pushing closer to the front.  With two laps to go, he began to try to move past, but the pair matched his surges each time.  It wasn't until the final lap that Salisbury pulled away for the win.

The race served as the preamble to the Millrose Mile next weekend, to which Aidan Tooker is one of the top seeds.  After the race, he mentioned feeling a little rusty, but the race should serve as the perfect segue into Millrose.

Boys One Mile Run Finals

1Jack Salisbury12La Salle Academy4:08.33
2Thomas Ratcliffe12Concord Carlisle High School4:08.74
3Aidan Tooker12Saratoga Springs4:09.54
4David Principe11La Salle Academy4:11.53
5Eric Van Der Els12Brien McMahon High School4:12.40
6Randy Neish12Glastonbury High School4:14.94
7Mike Kolor12Seneca Valley4:15.00
8Liam Kimball12Timberlane High School4:16.75
9Viraj Deokar12Middlesex School4:17.16
10Matt D'anieri12Wellesley High School4:17.79
11Andrew Ernst2Marblehead High School4:21.95