NY Weekend Highlights - 9-29-07

 Greenwich Girls win big at Ocean State Invitational (RI)
Saratoga girls win at Oatlands (VA)
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left: Kyle Merber (Half Hallow Hills West) wins the DeWitt Clinton Invitational at VCP in 16:18
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9/29 - McQuaid Invitational

9/29 - Ocean State Invitational
Greenwich girls win big in Championships Race. Somers boys win varsity 1 race with 63 points.
Boys Championship Race Video

9/29 - Adirondack Invitational
Queensbury girls and boys shine at home.

9/29 - DeWitt Clinton Invitational
Ursuline girls edge Bronxville 36-39. Kyle Merber (HHH-West) wins boys race.

9/29 - Suffolk Coaches
9/29 - EJ Herrmann Invitational

9/29 - Galway Invitational


Arlington girls, boys win again at JFK Invitational

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9/29 - Oatlands Invitational
Saratoga girls win easy as Hannah Davidson wins title.

9/29 - Wave Mania
Warwick Valley boys roll to win at home with amazing times.


Weekly Preview

Another Big Weekend
McQuaid, Warwick, and Ocean State Invitationals highlight weekend
The McQuaid Invitational in Rochester is one of the oldest and more historic meets held in New York State. It is heavily attended by upstate New York teams, Pennsylvania teams, and teams from lower NY and Long Island alike.

The meet is in a category of classic high school meets like The Grout Run, Eastern States, St. Anthony’s, and of course Manhattan College Invitational. All of these meets are from the end of September to the middle of October on well traveled courses that have stood the test of time.

The Wave Mania Invitational at Warwick falls under the new breed of meets. Warwick knows how to host a meet. They have the DJ playing music, the legendary Tim St. Lawrence running around, cheering and announcing races, and generally create one of the best atmospheres you could ask for at a high school event.

The course in Warwick is beautiful, with rolling hills in farm and apple country. The start, when viewed from atop the hill by the finish line, is a spectacle all cross country fans should see.

The new meet at Goddard Park in Rhode Island is sort of a combination of old and new. The course is well traveled as the site of the classic Brown Invitational and numerous Rhode Island events your years. The meet directors, which include Bob and Anne Rothenberg, have been putting on meets for years. But the event is new. It’s a first year meet that has seen great participation for the inaugural meet with many teams from NY, MA, CT, and RI. It surely will become a classic in short order.

So no matter if your team is looking to win this weekend or just finish in the middle of the pack, there are plenty of places to enjoy XC this weekend. But what can you do get your team on this website? Well, how about submitting video to us through Brightcove? Just film your team, edit your video, and post using the link on our homepage.

Or email us your pictures, be it after you win a race at the JFK Sterling Invitational in Somers, or place 15th at the Ocean State Invitational. We want to see your pics. It seems like everyone has a digital camera these days.

Perhaps you fancy yourself a writer. We’d love to post your thoughts on the classic McQuaid Invitational or how you thought the course was harder last weekend in Manchester than this week in upstate New York. We’re looking for you to be apart of promoting this sport.

We also ask that meet directors send their complete results, in Hytek meet manager if possible, to results@armorytrack.com so we can try and post them as quickly as possible.

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