New Balance Nationals Photo Highlights


Noah Lyles, still in shock after his US #2 All-Time winning performance.

MileSplit was there to film all the action, including the 1-2 punch of Armstrong and Brannigan in the 5000m showdown.

Zallow and Holloway cross the final hurdle even, the closest winning margin of the weekend.

The step heard round the world, as Taylor McLaughlin cuts in early for the 400m.

Can you spot the flying baton?  Rose shuts down in the SMR after being forced to retrieve his baton.

Motor City puts their hand on top seeded Newburgh in a jumbled handoff in the 4x200m prelims.

The shuttle hurdle relay see's athletes running criss cross through the straightaway.

Holloway upon hearing he had edged out the competion by less than .001 in the hurdle final.

Jimmy Asselmeyer prepares for the 800m final, after splitting under 1:50 the night before.

Newburgh prepares for their 4x200m trial.

Noah  Lyles with the comeback kick of the century, shocks the field with the 200m win.

Andrew Hunter hits the tape first, after the 2-Mile trio exchanged the lead numerous times throughout the race.

One of the deepest Pole Vault fields in history saw the National Record going down.

Grant Fisher begins to process his mistseps as he crosses the line.

The bright lights of the city puts pressure on athletes on the national stage.

Ryan Clark outleans the competition in the 60m final.

Jared Lovelace lopes through his phases in a spectacular Triple Jump final.

The athletes hit the track after an exhausting 2-Mile battle.

Even Superman gets elated with a 4x200m victory.

Brannigan and Armstrong turn the 5000m into a 1v1 duel out front.


What an 18-foot attempt looks like at the Armory.  Well above the second story.