Updated All-Time Week: Best of Bowdoin Park

MileSplit HQ - All this week, we'll be combing through some New York State History. Originally stemming from Larry Byrne's Greenbook, we'll be listing the top 100 marks from the four most significant courses in the State. Today marks the beginning of the Updated All-Time Week. We kick off with the top marks ever at Bowdoin Park. Home to this weekends Federation Meet, check out the marks to beat ahead of the incoming NXN-NY, NE Regionals

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  CLASS RECORDS:           
  SR.     17:16.9     AISLING CUFFE     Cornwall                  NY     2010
  JR.     17:27.3     NICOLE BLOOD      Saratoga                  NY     2004
  SO.     17:40.0     MARY CAIN         Bronxville                NY     2011
  FR.     17:56.6     ERIN DAVIS        Saratoga                  NY     1993
  8g      18:17.0     NICOLE BLOOD      Saratoga                  NY     2001
  7g      18:44.9     MARY HENNELLY     Suffern                   NY     2014

          <u>18:12.4 </u>                      Saratoga                  NY     2004
          17:27.3     NICOLE BLOOD
          17:58.4     HANNAH DAVIDSON
          18:21.3     LINDSEY FERGUSON
          18:36.7     CAITLIN LANE
          18:38.3     KARYN DELAY