2013 MileSplit NY Indoor All-Star Girls' List

The past 2012-2013 Indoor season has seen some great races, some great times, and some breakout stars.  As usual, we're here to break down the season's best performers, ranking athletes from every inch of the state.  As opposed to our XC All-State list, which was organized by grade, we chose to organize the Track All-State lists by discipline.  As always, it is never an easy decision, and several great athletes had to be left off the list.  The depth of talent in New York is only exceeded by the number of stand-out performances achieved this year, including numerous state and national records.  Award winners are designated by W's, with honorable mentions being listed 1-2-3 by rank.  Relays are ranked as a collective per team.  And all opinions are that of the webmaster, Kyle Brazeil.  If you think there is someone we missed, or someone was misranked, feel free to comment about it in our discussion forum. 

Be sure to check out last years list as well, and see who has returned: Girls


Note: Unlike last year, we are not including club runners in our rankings.  Both the boys and girls have one notable club runner, and will be included as a list honorable mention.

HM: Mary Cain - Unnattached (2Mile - 9:38.68, 3000m - 9:02.10, 1Mile - 4:28.25, 1500m - 4:11.72, All US #1 - All Time)



Short Sprint (55, 55hh, 200)

W – Kadecia Baird - Medger Evers (55m - 7.06, 200m - 23.1_split, 300m - 37.54, 400m - 54.5_split)

1 – Kimberely Bailey - Taft (55m - 7.12, 200m - 24.69, 300m - 39.50)

2 – Ashley Grazen - Lancaster (55m - 7.16, 60m - 7.71)

3 - Ashley Wiggins - New Rochelle (55hh - 8.07, 55m - 7.34, 200m - 25.02)

Breakdown: One of the hardest decisions of the whole list was where to put Kadecia Baird.  She was so dominate in every sprinting event from the 55m up to the 400m, that is was hard to clasify exactly which discipline to put her in.  However, it came down to her State Championship performance in the 55m, and her state record in the 4x200m that gave her the nudge to the shorter sprints.  While she would be the winner in each category, her US #1 in the 300m is outweighed by her championship runs.  Behind Baird is fellow NYC'er Kimeberly Bailey, who finds herself at NY #2 at the 55m dash, as well as NY #3 in the 200 and 300m.  But proving that the sprinters are relegated to only the city, Ashley Grazen of Lancaster blasted onto the scene as only a freshmen, to take the phsaa title at the state meet, then go on to set a freshmen meet record at the nationals meet, matching it again in the finals to take 2nd overall in her age division.  Look for that one down the line.  Finally, it was Wiggin's big jump in time at the state meet that secured the last spot.


Long Sprint (300,400,500,600)

W – Deajah Stevens - Benjamin Cardozo (400m - 55.19, 200m - 23.89)

1 – Emma Gallagher - Garden City (600m - 1:30.35, 800m - 2:10.66)

2 – Maddie Kopp - Spencerport (300m - 39.64, 400m - 56.17, 55m - 7.33)

3 - Erin Jaskot - Tappan Zee (600m - 1:31.85, 400m - 57.32, 300m - 40.50, 800m - 2:11.57)

Breakdown: It's been a big year for the senior of the city.  After spending some time on the club circuit, she has found her home at Cardozo, and has been able to flourish under the coaching staff.  Never afraid to run the big doubles, which usually included an open event preluding a relay.  She takes 3rd in the national event, and NY #2 in both the 300m and 400m, plus she blew open the DMR with her strong second leg.  Coming up behind Stevens is the two-time reigning state champion in the 600m, and the 4x400m.  Gallagher has brushed the State and National record twice this season, putting up marks in the low 1:30's.  With two more years to go, it may only be a matter of time until the records are hers.  The second honorable mention is upstate's Maddie Kopp, who took on the state in the 300m, taking second at the State Championship.  She returned one week later to make All-American over 400m, placing 5th.  And finally, Jaksot rounds out a stellar field with her NY #2 mark in the 600m, and her incredibly quick 800m speed.


Mid-Distance (800-1500)

W – Sabrina Southerland - Benjamin Cardozo (800m - 2:03.59, 1000m - 2:47.44, 1500m - 4:34.26, Mile - 4:44_split, 600m - 1:30.30_en route)

1 – Leah Triller - Academy of the Holy Names (1000m - 2:53.39, 600m - 1:37.51, 800m - 2:15.97)

2 – Kamryn McIntosh - Suffern (1000m - 2:55.50, 800m - 2:11.80, 600m - 1:35.80, 400m - 55.69_split)

3 - Laura Leff - West Genesee (1500m - 4:33.96, Mile - 4:54.71)

Breakdown: Last year, it seemed as if the female running scene in New York was dominated at both ends.  Baird would take the sprints, Cain the distance.  This year, as Cain moved away from high school competition, two names came to fill in that position of dominance, and Sabrina Southerland went one step further, surpassing the state record indoors, and garnering the reputation of one of the states strongest runners.  To give you some reference, remember she opened her season in the still nation leading mark of 2:47.44 over 1000m.  Next, she set herself up with the prestigious Millrose Mile Champion, ultimately pulling away at the State Championship, and setting top 5 marks in the nation in over 6 events, including relays.  Her top of the list is well earned.  Behind her is the always talented Leah Triller, whose state title was well fought for.  She also leaves as NY #2 in the event.  Our second honorable mention is only an 8th grader, but proved to be a key to success in both the Suffern relay contingency, and the individual events.  Her marks made her competitive out of the gate, and look forward to a strong spring season.  Finally, Laura Leff's race to recovery went better than expected, and she was able to come back to a significant year, garnering a spot in the Millrose Mile, and a podium medal at the state meet.


Long-Distance (3000 – 5000)

W – Bella Burda - Arlington (3000m - 9:33.90, 1Mile - 4:54.73)

1 – Katie Lembo - Penfield (2Mile - 10:28.93, 3000m - 9:50.36, 1500m - 4:38.36)

2 – Marissa Saenger - Clarence (2Mile - 10:29.26, 3000m - 9:51.92, 1500m - 4:43.4)

3 - Kristianne Width - United Nations International School (2Mile - 10:46.66, 1500m - 4:40.59)

Breakdown: The other half of the long distance dominance, Burda's season couldn't have been better for the sophomore.  She attacked the 3000m run with the same enthusiasm as she did the 5k in XC, and went almost undefeated in the event all season.  As the season progressed, her times kept on dropping, peaking with a US #2 in her event.  After separating from the field at the State meet, Burda pulled away to seal the race away halfway through.  Citing leg pain for Nationals, she withdrew to save her legs for spring, but still leaves the indoor season as the top returner for next year.  Behind Bella is Katie Lembo and Marissa Saenger, an upstate pairing who seem to be equally matched.  They finished 2-3 at the state meet, and then went 5-6 in the two mile at Nationals.   Both will return next year as well, as they are now juniors.  To round out the field is the Oregon-State Recruit, Kirstianne Width.  Although she ran a relaxed schedule in the winter season, she still pulled off a very fast 2-mile in the first weeks of the season, then just missed out on qualifying for Millrose based on time.


Jumps (TJ, LJ, HJ)

W – Shayla Broughton - Medger Evers (HJ - 5' 8")

1 – McKayla Brooks - Frontier (LJ - 19' 1", 38' 10.25")

2 – Imani McGhee - Bay Shore (LJ - 18' 8", TJ - 38' 8")

3 - Lauren Hudson - Williamsville North (HJ - 5' 7")

Breakdown: A tough choice between two underclassmen, as Broughton, only a freshmen, jumped a then-nation leading mark in late December, and Brooks was the state leader in two events for most of the season.  However, success in competition outweighs all, as Broughton was not only the state champion in her event, she also garnered All-American a week later.  That is not to slight the significance of Brooks' jumps, who managed to pull an impressive triple at the state meet, adding in a 55m dash.  Behind the pair is McGhee, who got the nod over her state leading teammate Anisa Toppin because she has strong marks in both of the horizontal jumps.  To round out the field was State Bronze Medalist, and 8th place finisher at Nationals, Lauren Hudson.


Vault/Throws (SP, WT, PV)

W – Briyah Brown - New Rochelle (SP - 45' 2.25")

1 – Jenn Thill - Lancaster (PV - 12' 8")

2 – Tara Belinsky - Manhasset (SP - 44' 4.25")

3 - Karmen Auble - Warsaw (PV - 12' 3")

Breakdown: Another tough decision for the top spot, as both parties dominated their event in the second half of the season.  Briyah's top toss lands her at NY #8 All-Time, and Thill's vault goes up to NY #6.  The difference maker here is that Brown has been throwing at such a high level right from the beginning of the season, and carried it all the way to a third place medal at Nationals.  Both girls won the state meet in their respective events, and both will return for the spring season.  Tara Belinsky kept the race tight for Shot Put, as she placed second at the state meet behind Brown, then returned to throw a big PR at NBIN.  Auble was the same challenge for Thill, taking second behind Thill at States.



W – Benjamin Cardozo SMR (3:54.78)

1 – Medger Evers 4x200m (1:37.29)

2 – Garden City 4x800m (9:01.08)

3 - Suffern 4x400m (3:49.08)

Breakdown: It is hard to argue that New York has produced some of the Nation's best relays this Winter.  But the very best may have been the one not run at Nationals.  Cardozo's SMR leaves the season as US #3 All-Time after being run in the early season, and held all the makings of a record run if attempted at Nationals.  Unfortunately, SAT testing prevented that notion, but we think it worked out well for Cardozo regardless.  Behind them was the state record breaking quartet of Medger Evers, who sacrificed their top ranked 4x400m at States and Nationals to concentrate on their goal.  Second honorable mention is Garden City's US #12 All-Time mark in the 4x800, put together after a long weekend of doubles for the girls.  To round off the relays is the Suffern 4x400m, who lowered the Section 1 record numerous times throughout the season, and look to have the strongest of springs.