2013 MileSplit NY Indoor All-Star Boys' List

The past 2012-2013 Indoor season has seen some great races, some great times, and some breakout stars.  As usual, we're here to break down the season's best performers, ranking athletes from every inch of the state.  As opposed to our XC All-State list, which was organized by grade, we chose to organize the Track All-State lists by discipline.  As always, it is never an easy decision, and several great athletes had to be left off the list.  The depth of talent in New York is only exceeded by the number of stand-out performances achieved this year, including numerous state and national records.  Award winners are designated by W's, with honorable mentions being listed 1-2-3 by rank.  Relays are ranked as a collective per team.  And all opinions are that of the webmaster, Kyle Brazeil.  If you think there is someone we missed, or someone was misranked, feel free to comment about it in our discussion forum. 

Be sure to check out last years list as well, and see who has returned: Boys


Note: Unlike last year, we are not including club runners in our rankings.  Both the boys and girls have one notable club runner, and will be included as a list honorable mention.

HM: Laray Smith - Zenith Velocity (200m - 21.38 National Leader, 400m - 47.53 US #2)


Short Sprint (55, 55hh, 200)

W – Jay Hebert - Ticonderoga (55hh - 7.31, 55m - 6.50)

1 – Chris Belcher - Sayville (55m - 6.35)

2 – Brian Smith - Greece-Athena (55m - 6.36, 300 - 34.63)

3 – Jon Alkins - Eastchester (55m - 6.65, 200m - 22.24, 300m - 34.13, 400 - 49.62)

Breakdown: The short sprint's were as deep as ever this year, with two forces battling it out from different sides of the state.  But when the two met, Chris Belcher (NY #9 All-time) seemed to get the edge over Brian Smith (NY #15 All-Time)  by only milliseconds, both at States and through the rounds of Nationals.  Coming in behind them was Jon Alkins, whose biggest claim to fame this season was his US #3, NY #17 All-Time mark in the 300m.  Most likely the sprinter with the greatest range over this season, Alkins impressed, but Smith's 300m time was too close to his to give him the edge.  However, one underclassman defined this season, by dropping his PR rapidly after a season of comepeting sans big competition, as Hebert set a new Junior State Record, and goes NY #4 All-Time in his nation leading mark of 7.31 over the hurdles.  Outdoors awaits for these speedsters to match up again!


Long Sprint (300-600)

W – Izaiah Brown - Amsterdam (300m - 34.38)

1 – Richard Rose - Boys and Girls (600m - 1:19.41, 400m - 48.57)

2 – Ayo Obadare - Elmont (300m - 34.40, 400m - 47.50_split)

3 – Matt Murray - Norwich (600m - 1:20.61, 800m - 1:56.13)

Breakdown: Here is where the choices start to become more difficult.  Both Rose and Obadare are respectable choices in their own right, but it is hard to argue with Izaiah Brown nabbing the top spot.  After an undefeated season where he never left Section 2, Brown managed to grab the fastest times in both the trials and the finals of the 300m at States, when the marks really matter.  Already a threat last year as a freshman, the sky's the limit for Brown.  However, Richard Rose is the national record holder for the sophomore 600m mark he set at the Collegiate invite.  Probably the most consistent runner on this list, Rose never ran over 1:23 in his main event.  Then there is Obadare, who could be nicknamed the "Game Changer," as he stands as an intricate member of the Elmont 1600m relay.  It could be almost guaranteed if Obadare got the baton within range of the leader, he could run down the world.  The final spot goes to Matt Murray, the only person able to replicate his 1:20 mark in the 1000m on both a flat track and the Armory's banks.  That advantage led him to his first state championship.


Mid-Distance (800 – Mile)

W – Nick Ryan - Fayetteville-Manlius (1600m - 4:14.02, 1000m - 2:31.65)

1 – Kris Moran - North Babylon (1Mile - 4:13.86, 1000m - 2:30.48)

2 – Sidgie Greene - Jefferson (1000m - 2:27.73, 800m - 1:55.08)

3 - Cory McCarty - Elmira (1000m - 2:29.90, 1:54.30_split)

Breakdown: Here is another tough decision at the top.  On paper, Kris Moran is undeniably the faster competitor, having both PR's this season lower than Nick Ryan.  However, running fast times is only half the equation to a successful season.  When the pair met at the state meet, Nick Ryan made the mile-ish race his own, dictating pace from start to finish.  While it can be argued that Ryan could have gone faster if anyone was willing to challenge him, the results stand.  That said, Moran was the second Millrose Miler across the line in a very impressive NY #25 All-Time, and his 1000m speed would have made him a serious contender in the short distance.  But it was Sidgie Greene of the city who ruled that distance all season, running a very impressive 2:27.73 in the post season to grab US #7 for 2013.  Coming in for the last spot was Elmira's Cory McCarty, who ran a gutsy race at Cornell to earn him the status of State Champ.  When he headed down to the Armory, his leadoff leg in the longer relay impressed as well.


Long-Distance (3200 – 5000)

W – Eric Holt - Carmel (2Mile - 9:07.55, 1Mile - 4:16.95)

1 – Sibby Hanson - Arlington (3200m - 9:08.06, 1Mile - 4:18.85)

2 – Stephen Shine - Briarcliff (2Mile - 9:12.95, 1Mile - 4:17.29)

3 - Mickey Burke - Rush-Henrietta (2Mile - 9:20.93, 1Mile - 4:15.86_split)

Breakdown: It seems as if the top two for each event are always rough calls.  Holt and Hanson represent a longer distance dominance that Section 1 has produced in 2013, as the best raced the best each weekend.  Hanson would go on to be the State Champion, and Holt would grab the All-American.  Almost equal in talent, the edge had to go Holt in the end based on the record.  The four times the pair raced, Holt took the race.  Behind them was another Section 1 athlete, who peaked towards the end of the season, to grab a very fast mile and 2-mile time.  Shine would essentially run a time trial at Nationals in his unseeded heat, breaking far into the actual seeded heat with his great time.  To round out the pair is Mickey Burke, who took 3rd overall at the State Meet in the longer distance, and displayed great anchor legs in the DMR all season.


Jumps (LJ, TJ, HJ)

W – Desmond Mobley - Greece-Olympia (LJ - 24' 1", HJ 6' 8")

1 – Rubin Owens - LeRoy (HJ - 6' 10', TJ - 46' 5")

2 – Mike McCann - Smithtown West (HJ - 6' 10")

3 - Jamal Bynum - Middletown (TJ - 47' 9" , LJ - 22' 2.5')

Breakdown: This category was the hardest of any this year, and you can tell by the company these athletes keep.  First of all, its hard not to mention the state TJ champ Darell Jones and HJ standout Isaiah Turek, who are 4 and 5 respectively.  The top spot went to Mobley, who has the highest nationally ranked double, as his vertical jump rests him at US #4, and his HJ is US #15.  When comparing several national-calibur athletes, it is necessary to have versatility to stand out.  That is the only thing that seperated Rubin Owens and Mike McCann, as Mike grabbed the State Title, but Owens hung on longer in the National competition.  The toughest call was Bynum over Jones, as Jones won the state title, but it was Bynum grabbing second in both events at the State Meet, then coming back to finish only one spot out of All-American one week later than gave him the edge.  A tough call indeed.


Vault/Throws (SP, WT, PV)

W – Rudy Winkler - Averill Park (83' 6")

1 – Devon Patterson - Williamsville South (60' 4.75")

2 – Will Pope - Iona Prep (SP - 59' 3")

3 - Benjamin Bonhurst - Smithtown West (59' 1")

Breakdown: It's undeniable that Rudy Winkler's time with the weight throw has been absolute dominance.  He will leave high school as the three time national champion in the event.  It is best to remember that Winkler does have a shot put PR of 52-10, but that was when he was a sophomore two years ago.  He has since given up the event to take on the hammer and weight.  The other three entrants make it onto the list after a stellar season.  It was hard to not be able to include any pole vaulters on the list, but when you have three throwers in the nations top 20, the decision becomes easier.  On the top of the list is the state champ Patterson, who has tossed a NY #25 All-Time mark over 60 feet.  Right below is Will Pope and Ben Bonhurst, who were able to always challenge eachother throughout competition all year.  A good  year for the throws will only get better outdoors.



W – Kellenberg 4x800m (7:45.24)

1 – Elmont 4x400m (3:18.34)

2 – Chaminade Distance Medley Relay (10:15.40)

3 - Fordham Prep Shuttle Hurdle Relay (30.93)

Breakdown: The final category highlights the top relays of the day.  Kellenberg tops the list both because it is the National Champ, running the fastest time of the year, but also because it always made the event exciting.  Closes finishes all season gave a new vibrance to the event, and played true that the coaches order makes the relay.  The close calls and constant competition came from Chaminade, who leave the season at US #6, just above Northport (who were #4 on this list).  Chaminade's evenly matched relay legs put together great races over the longer distance all year, keeping that CHSAA tradition alive.  Coming in at honorable mention #1 is Elmont's 4x400m relay, who put together a relay where each leg could very well win most open 400m competitions.  The quartet stormed the scene this season, putting together a winning relay over the shorter distances as well.  To round out the field was Fordham Prep's SHR, who, seemingly out of nowhere, ran US #7 in the event at Nationals, continuing their own CHSAA tradition in the relay.