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Manhattan NY - It is almost time for the 106th annual Millrose Games.  Billed as the oldest Track and Field meet in the country, all those who are attending will be in for a treat.  More Olympians than you have fingers and toes, the pro fields are stacked with top talent.  The high school fields are just as stacked, with events starting at 3:30pm, running right past 10pm.  Two notable prep names have even emerged among the professional ranks, as Mary Cain (Unattached) will race the professional mile, and Edward Cheserek (St. Benedict's Prep) is entered in the professional 2-mile.  You'll have your chance to catch your favorite relays and races, but everyone knows Millrose is all about the mile.  The prestigious Millrose Mile for prep athletes have garnered a reputation as the premiere event of the indoor season.  And we have a quick breakdown of all the top seeds and favorites, both prep and pro.  Check it out below!


New Balance Boys High School Mile, honoring Larry Byrne

Name School State Qualifying Time Personal Record
Sibby Hanson Arlington NY 4:18.85 4:15.77
Connor Harriman Pennsbury PA 4:19.06 4:18.79
Eric Holt Carmel NY 4:16.55 4:11.90
Jack Huemmler Strath Haven PA 4:16.22 4:12.54
Cillian Kirwan St. Fitans School IRL 4:15.89 Same
Ben Malone Pascack Valley NJ 4:17.96 4:07.02
Chris Marco Tom's River South NJ 4:21.64 4:07.31
Tom Meehan Eastport-South Manor NY 4:19.64 4:19.14
Kris Moran North Babylon NY 4:18.78 4:13.40
Jay Navin Saratoga NY 4:18.49 4:15.89
Stephen Shine Briarcliff NY 4:17.29 Same
Jack Stevenson Stuyvesant NY 4:18.94 Same

Breakdown:  This one could be special.  It is hard to predict who could be an early favorite for a race of this quality, but a simple test it to look at personal records.  The duo from New Jersey both have 4:07's to their name, and can run up the pace at any moment.  Chris Marco of Tom's River South, NJ has the slowest qualifying time, but was also the first automatic qualifier in the early season.  Ben Malone of Pascack Valle,y NJ, however, has not been asleep at the wheel this season.  While running a reduced schedule this season, he did manage to run an astonishing 2:25.82 over 1000m just a few weeks ago, putting him in a solid position heading into the race.  Malone isn't the only one who proved their speed already, as just last weekend, Eric Holt  of Carmel through down a very strong 9:08 in the 3200m, with a very fast first mile.  He looks strong entering the race, and has a fast personal record as well.  But there may be a sleeper in this race that none of the American runners have faced.  Cillian Kirwan of Ireland has tied the fastest mile this year, 4:15, and may put an edge of uncertainly on the race leaders.  That mile ties that of Jay Navin of Saratoga, who raced at the New Balance Grand Prix in Boston two weeks before.  He is the only one who has raced in a spotlight event such as a nationally broadcast mile, and could very well shine.  Speaking of shine, two Section 1 runners round out the leaders, as Stephen Shine of Briarcliff and Sibby Hanson of Arlington are both qualified athletes as well, and could pull out a victory as well.  We'll have to see on Saturday.

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New Balance High School Girls Mile

Name School State Qualifying Time Personal Best
Bella Burda Arlington NY 4:57.91 4:54 (Split)
Sarah DiSanza High Point Regional NJ 4:57.97 Same
Gianna Frontera Newburgh NY 4:58.32 Same
Sarah Gillespie NW Catholic CT 4:58.70 4:49.89
Tiana Guevera Miller Place NY 5:02.65 Same
Laura Leff West Gennesee NY 4:55.79 4:48.96
Sara Sargent Pennsbury PA 4:55.87 4:51.04
Marissa Sheva Pennridge PA 4:54.90 4:51.29
Regan Ward Beggs OK 4:56.29 Same
Kennedy Weisner Elk County Catholic PA 4:54.18 4:48.69
Kristianne Width United Nations NY 4:58.40 4:58.35
Megan Young Nanuet NY 5:00.92 4:58.62
Sabrina Southerland Benjamin Cardozo NY 4:56.25 4:52.85

Breakdown: This may well turn into a battle of the blondes in the fight for the girls title.  Kennedy Weisner of Elk County Catholic, PA comes in with the fastest personal record to her name, but only just.  Weisner was a Foot Locker Finalist this year, coming in tenth at the event.  But she won't be the only blonde junior whose made waves at Foot Locker.  Laura Leff of West Genesee, who took third overall at the Foot Locker Nationals, has returned early from an injury that sidelined her since she qualified for the same race last year.  Minus Mary Cain, Leff is the national leader in the 1500m this year, blasting a 4:33.96.  She could be very dangerous in the race she has waited over a year to compete in.  Pennsylvania brings in two more competitors for the blondetourage, who share personal records of 4:51 each.  Marissa Sheva of Pennridge may be a first timer at this meet, but Sara Sargent of Pennsbury can be considered a seasoned veteran of the event.  Her third appearance in the invite High School Mile, Sargent is absoutley a threat, with nothing to lose going into the race.  No longer distracted by the glam of the event, she'll come ready to run.  The glam of the type of competition the 'Mile will host is no stranger to Sarah Gillespie of NW Catholic, CT.  She placed third in the Invite High School Mile at the New Balance Grand Prix, and has quite a fast personal record to her name as well.  But connecticut won't be the furthest distance from the event for a female athlete to travel, as Regan Ward of Beggs, OK has qualified for the event, and is ready to roll with the East Coast.  Without access to the banked luxuries of the Armory, she has run sub-5 twice this season, and could lay it all out on the track on Saturday.  Two New Yorkers round out the top of the field, which include the surprise bronze medalist at Outdoor States last year, Kristiane Width of United Nations, and the new state record holder for the sophomore 3000m, Bella Burda of Arlington.  However, anyone is capable of stealing the show, and you'll just have to tune in to find out.

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Pro Fields

Excerpt from Bring Back The Mile - Full Article

NYRR Wanamaker Men's Mile Preview
Event Record: 3:52.87 Bernard Lagat (USA / AZ), 2005
NCAA Record: 3:54.54, Miles Batty (BYU / USA), 2012
USA Record: 3:49.89, Bernard Lagat (USA / AZ), 2005
World Record: 3:48.45, Hicham El Guerrouj (MAR), 1997

Ryan Gregson Nike AUS 3:52.24 2010 3:31.06 2010 1500m AUS Record
Matthew Centrowitz Nike USA 3:52.4r 2012 3:31.96 2012 2011 WC Medalist
Lopez Lomong Nike Oregon TC USA 3:53.18 2010 3:32.20 2010 '08 & '12 Olympian
Garrett Heath Saucony USA 3:54.4r 2012 3:36.03 2012 8x NCAA All-American
Ciaran O'Lionaird Nike Oregon TC IRL 3:54.76i 2012 3:34.46 2011 2012 Olympian
Lawi Lalang U of Arizona KEN 3:55.09i 2012 3:36.77 2012 NCAA 5000m Record
Donn Cabral Nike USA 3:56.41i 2013 3:40.03 2012 USA Steeple Record
Chris O'Hare U of Tulsa GBR 3:56.48i 2011 3:37.95 2012 '12 NCAA Mile Champ
Ryan Hill NC State USA 3:56.78 2012 3:38.36 2012 7x NCAA All-American
Brian Gagnon NJ/NY TC USA 3:57.91i 2012 3:38.36 2012 2x NCAA All-American
Liam Boylan-Pett NJ/NY TC USA 3:58.19 2011 3:37.05 2012 NCAA All-American
Robby Andrews adidas USA 4:01.55 2010 3:34.78 2012 2x NCAA Champ
Mark Wieczorek Brooks USA 4:05.70 2011 3:47.43 2012 5x NAIA All-American
i = indoor / r = road

Breakdown: This field is loaded with 11 men having run sub-4 minutes in the Mile and another, Robby Andrews, who with a 3:34.78 1500m PR is certainly capable of doing so. While Wanamaker Mile reigning champion Matthew Centrowitz is the favorite on the heels of his stellar 2012 season, he will not be without a challenge. Australia's Ryan Gregson comes in as the top seed with a 3:52.24 PR and two-time Olympian Lopez Lomong (USA) is right behind with a 3:53.18 best. Centrowitz has already stated that Lagat's 3:52.87 event record is his target and something faster is possible. Will anyone catch him?

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NYRR Wanamaker Women's Mile

Event Record: 4:21.45 Doina Melinte (ROM), 1988
NCAA Record: 4:25.91 Jenny Barringer (CU / USA), 2009
USA Record: 4:20.5 Mary Slaney (USA / OR), 1982 
World Record: 4:17.14 Doina Melinte (ROM), 1990

WOMEN - 8:40pm EST
Hilary Stellingwerff New Balance CAN 4:28.62 2007 4:05.08 2012 '12 Olympian
Sarah Brown New Balance USA 4:29.72i 2009 4:05.67 2009 4x NCAA Champ 
Sheila Reid Nike CAN 4:30.41i 2013 4:07.07 2012 5x NCAA Champ
Delilah DiCrescenzo unattached USA 4:32.11 2012 4:11.70 2012 USA XC Team
Mary Cain unattached USA 4:32.78i 2012 4:11.01 2012 HS MIle Record
Jordan Hasay U of Oregon USA 4:33.01i 2011 4:10.28 2011 2x NCAA Champ
Emma Coburn U of Colorado USA 4:33.24 2012 4:09.42 2012 2x USA Champ
Abbey D'Agostino Dartmouth USA 4:34.14i 2013 4:16.15 2012 NCAA 5000m Champ
Sara Vaughn Bowerman AC USA 4:34.29 2011 4:08.34 2012 2012 World Indoor
Renee Tomlin Nike USA 4:34.39 2012 4:11.31 2012 2x NCAA All-American
Emily Infeld Nike Oregon TC USA 4:36.83i 2010 4:07.77 2012 7x NCAA All-American
Kate Grace Oiselle - NJ/NY TC USA 4:39.52i 2011 4:10.57 2012 4x NCAA All-American
Ashley Higginson Saucony USA 4:43.01i 2012 4:12.80 2012 3x NCAA All-American
i = indoor / r = road

Breakdown:  After a two year hiatus, the Women's Mile returns to the Millrose Games with a couple of stories to follow. The first is at the top with Hilary Stellingwerff (CAN), Sarah Brown (USA) and the 'racer' Sheila Reid. The three have impressive resumes and any one of them can certainly run away with a win here. But midway down the list we also have a trio of collegiates and arguably America's greatest prep athlete in history that will be battling it out. Jordan Hasay of the University of Oregon was at one time in Mary Cain's shoes, the current darling of the prep scene. Hasay as a Duck is the reigning NCAA indoor Mile champion and has a resume that anyone would envy. However Cain has been getting all the headlines recently smashing the all-time High School Mile record and most recently the 2 Mile record. Not to be overlooked is University of Colorado's Emma Coburn who is the 2012 USA Steeplechase champion and an Olympic team member as well as Dartmouth's Abbey D'Agostino fresh off her 4:34.14 indoor Mile.

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