Sunken Meadow State Park

Kings Park, NY

Governor Alfred E. Smith/Sunken Meadow State Park

Sunken Meadow 5K Course Photo Tours
2.5 mile course goes across the bridge right away, not out past the finish line. 2.5 course also goes right up "Cardiac" hill, not around the picnic area first.

Sunken Meadow State Park, located on Long Island Sound, has a wide range of topography that sustains a variety of flora and fauna. The three miles of beach meets tall, glacier-formed bluffs at the west end of the shoreline. A man-made dam separates the park's brackish creek and marshes from the tidal flats. South of the flats are acres of undeveloped and heavily-wooded rolling hills.

Activities include swimming in Long Island Sound; hiking six miles of trails, including the northern starting point of the Suffolk County Greenbelt Trail; biking, horseback riding, picnicking, kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, fishing, a

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Meets Held Here

2013-11-02 Section 11 Championships
2013-10-26 Suffolk Frosh/Soph Invitational
2013-10-22 Section XI Division Championships
2013-10-19 St. Joseph's College XC Invite
2013-10-12 Suffolk Officials Invitational
2013-10-05 St. Anthony's Invitational
2013-09-28 Suffolk Coaches Invitational
2013-09-21 Jim Smith Invitational
2012-11-07 Section 11 Championships
2012-10-24 Section XI Division Championships
2012-10-13 Suffolk Officials Invitational
2012-10-06 St. Anthony's Invitational
2012-09-29 Suffolk Coaches Invitational
2012-09-22 Bob Pratt Invitational
2012-09-15 Jim Smith Invitational
2011-11-26 Foot Locker Northeast Regional
2011-11-04 Section 11 Championships
2011-10-30 NSCHSAA Varsity Champs
2011-10-29 Suffolk Frosh/Soph Invitational
2011-10-25 Section 11 Divisionals
2011-10-19 NSCHSAA Sophomore League Championships
2011-10-15 Suffolk Officials Invitational
2011-10-12 Dual Meet (boys & girls)
2011-10-01 St. Anthony's Invitational
2011-09-28 Dual Meet (boys & girls)
2011-09-24 Suffolk Coaches Invitational
2011-09-21 Dual Meet (boys & girls)
2011-09-17 Jim Smith Invitational
2011-09-16 Bob Pratt Invitational
2011-09-14 Dual Meet (boys & girls)
2010-11-27 Foot Locker Northeast Regional
2010-11-05 Section 11 Championships
2010-10-31 NSCHSAA Varsity Champs
2010-10-30 Suffolk Frosh/Soph Invitational
2010-10-26 Section 11 Divisionals
2010-10-23 St. Joseph's College Invitational
2010-10-20 NSCHSAA Sophomore League Championships
2010-10-09 Suffolk Officials Invitational
2010-10-09 Suffolk Officials Invitational
2010-10-02 St. Anthony's Invitational
2010-09-25 Suffolk Coaches Invitational
2010-09-22 Dual Meet
2010-09-16 Bob Pratt Invitational
2010-09-15 NSCHSAA Dual Meet
2010-09-11 Jim Smith Invitational
2009-11-28 Foot Locker Northeast Regional
2009-11-06 Section 11 Championships
2009-11-01 NSCHSAA Varsity Champs
2009-10-31 Sec. 11 Frosh/Soph Champs
2009-10-27 Sec. 11 Division Champs
2009-10-21 NSCHSAA Soph League Champs
2009-10-14 St. Dominic vs. St. John the Baptist
2009-10-14 St. Anthony's vs. Chaminade
2009-10-10 Suffolk Officials Invitational
2009-10-07 NSCHSAA Class A Championships
2009-10-07 Dual Meet v Kellenberg
2009-10-03 St. Anthony's Invitational
2009-09-30 St. Anthony's/St. Dominick's/St. Mary's
2009-09-26 Suffolk Coaches Invitational
2009-09-23 St. Anthony's vs. SJB
2009-09-22 Northport vs. Bay Shore Dual
2009-09-17 Bob Pratt Invitational
2009-09-16 St. Anthony's vs. Holy Trinity
2009-09-12 Jim Smith Invitational
2008-11-08 NY State Champs - NYSPHSAA
2008-10-31 Section 11 Championships
2008-10-26 NSCHSAA Sectional Champs
2008-10-25 Sec. 8 Conference Champs
2008-10-25 Sec. 11 Suffolk F-S Championships
2008-10-21 Section 11 Division Championships
2008-10-15 NSCHSAA Sophomore Champs
2008-10-11 Suffolk Officials Invitational
2008-10-04 St. Anthony's Invitational
2008-09-27 Suffolk Coaches Invitational
2008-09-20 Bob Pratt Invitational
2008-09-13 Jim Smith Invitational
2007-11-02 Section 11 - Suffolk County Champs
2007-10-28 NSCHSAA Championships
2007-10-27 America East Conference Championships
2007-10-23 Sectiopn 11 Division Championships
2007-10-17 NSCHSAA Sophomore Championships
2007-10-13 Suffolk County Officials Invitational
2007-10-06 St. Anthony's Invitational
2007-09-29 Suffolk Coaches Invitational
2007-09-20 Bob Pratt Invitational
2007-09-15 Jim Smith Invitational
2004-09-03 Stony Brook Invitational
2002-11-09 NYSPHSAA - NY State Champs