National Track & Field Hall of Fame

In Season (Mid November - Mid April): Tuesday-Sunday, 10AM to 5PM
Off Season: Tuesday-Friday, 10AM-5PM

Admission: $5.00

Getting the Most Out of Your Visit

The National Track & Field Hall of Fame is a gem of an interactive museum, located at The Armory Foundation, at 216 Fort Washington Avenue in Washington Heights, NY, where one can learn about what it takes to be the best you can be - come see what your body and mind need to be a great athlete; how to train, what to eat, how technology has changed the sport, and even what the great Olympians think about when they are competing.


Enter through our beautiful lobby with cutting-edge media surrounding you and watch our orientation film - the beginning of a two-hour visit that is both educational and inspirational.


Lobby Entrance

Hall of Fame Theatre

Hall of Fame History Gallery

Hall of Fame Atrium

Hall of Fame Champion Gallery (Part 1)

Hall of Fame Champion Gallery (Part 2)

The Fred Lebow Marathon Hall

Hall of Fame Third Floor Gallery


Wind your way through the "What Makes a Champion", the "History of Track & Field".  Be sure not to miss the Olympic Moment film produced by Bud Greenspan in the history gallery) and view the World's Records represented on the walls and the floor of the Hall of Fame.  


Make sure you sit in the Hall of Fame theatre on the first floor and watch the film, simply called "Welcome to The Hall of Fame", produced by Peter Frankfurt.


Follow the brilliant red Staircase of Champions (the atrium) up to the Fred Lebow Marathon Hall Galleries.  Take a tour of the New York City Marathon and hear the crowds cheer as you come across the finish line.


Up one floor and you will arrive in the Hall of Fame Gallery, to see the famous Wall of Fame - our 40-foot-long etched glass wall with the names of all the inductees immortalized. Look through the wall into our 65,000 square foot arena that is home to the largest indoor collegiate and high school invitational events in the world. Take time to learn about the extraordinary members of the Hall of Fame in our Hall of Fame Kiosk located just across from the Wall of Fame.


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