Shen Invitational

Clifton Park, NY

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

Please email Coach Rob Cloutier ASAP to secure your spot

Entries due May 8th Tuesday 9:00PM
***only scratches can be made day of***

Each Team:
2 individuals per event per gender
PLUS 1 additional entry having met the standard (see page below)

***Long/Triple Jump: will enforce a minimum measurement:
Girls: LJ - 14 TJ - 30
Boys: LJ - 17 TJ - 38

1 relay per gender per event(no standard)

3000m, 2 Mile, & both Steeplechase races will be limited to the top 18 entrants

Discus will be limited to top 18 entrants

Accepted entries including flights & heats will be emailed on Thursday by 2pm

(Rejected entries for the 3k/3200m will be entered into the 1500m/Mile and not count against your entry #s)

Meet Info: Team scoring will be used and the top 2 teams in each gender will be awarded championship trophies. Scoring will be 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1
The top 8 individuals and relays will receive awards!

Special Invite Events (Discus, 1500m, & Mile) will be awarded a unique award!

Order of Events

Sections will run slow to fast
*a timeline will be posted and emailed once entries have been posted*

*Meet will run on a rolling schedule so timeline is for spectator purposes and only suggested*

100m/110m Hurdles (Boys, Girls; Trials; top 8 advance to Finals)

100m (Girls, Boys; Trials; top 8 advance to Finals)

1500m (unseeded sections)

1600m (unseeded sections)

200m (Girls, Boys; Trials; top 8 advance to Finals)

National Anthem

Legacy 1500m (top 12 entrants)/Dynasty Mile (top 12 entrants)

Hurdle Finals (Boys, Girls)

100m Finals (Girls, Boys)

400m (Girls, Boys)

800m (Girls, Boys)

400m Hurdles (Girls, Boys)

200m Finals (Girls, Boys)

2000m Steeplechase/3000m Steeplechase

3000m (1 section top 18 entrants)/3200m (1 section top 18 entrants)

4x100m Relay (Girls, Boys)

Sprint Medley Relay (200-200-400-800)(Girls, Boys)

Distance Medley Relay (1200-400-800-1600) (Girls, Boys)


Long Jump (separate pits; flights followed by Finals; top 9 advance)

High Jump (Girls, Boys) (Starting heights: Girls 4, Boys 5)

Shot Put (separate Circles; flights followed by Finals on turf; top 9 advance)

Discus (Boys, Girls; flights - top 9 advance; Top 18 entrants)

Pole Vault (separate pits) (Starting heights: Girls 7, Boys 9)

Triple Jump (separate pits; follows Long Jump; flights followed top 8 Finals; top 9 advance)

Event Standards for 3rd Entry
(individuals; no 2nd relays)

Boys Girls
110m Hurdles 17.00 100m Hurdles 18.0

400m Hurdles 62.0 75.0

100m 11.84 13.24

200m 23.54 28.0

400m 53.0 63.0

800m 2:04.0 2:26.0

1600m 4:39.0 1500m 5:00.0

*3000m/3200m Top 18 entrants only*

*2000m/3000m Steeple Top 18 entrants only*

High Jump 59 49

Pole Vault 106 80

Shot Put 39 310

*Discus Top 18 Entrants Only*

Long Jump 19 150

Triple Jump 39 310