Ignatian Invitational

Bronx, NY
Hosted by Fordham Prep

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

Ignatian Invitational, Sat, December 16th, 2017

Fordham University Lombardi Center

Awards: Medals to Top 5 in all events, Top 10 in Shot Put

To Enter: add this meet to your milesplit team schedule so that your team name appears at right. Then update your milesplit roster, print and mail in form below.

(Events may run ahead of schedule)
10:00am Varsity 1600m Run _______ (new event)
10:15am Varsity 1000 Run _______
10:200am Junior Year 1000m Run ______
10:25am Sophomore 1000m Run _______
10:30am Freshman 1000m Run _______
10:40am Varsity 600m Run _______
10:50am Junior Year 600m Run _______
11:00am Sophomore 600m Run _______
11:15am Freshman 600m Run _______
11:30am Freshman-Midget 600m Run______ (Freshman under 120 lbs only)
11:35am Senior year 300m Dash _______
11:45am Junior year 300m Dash _______
12:00pm Sophomore 300m Dash _______
12:15pm Freshman 300m Dash _______
12:30pm Freshman-Midget 300m Dash ______ (Freshman under 120 lbs only)
12:35pm Varsity 800m Relay _______
12:45pm Sophomore 800m Relay _______
1:00pm Freshman 800m Relay _______
1:10pm Junior Weight 800m Relay _______ (any runners under 130 lbs.)
1:15pm Varsity 55m HH _______
1:20pm Sophomore 55m HH _______
1:25pm Freshman 55m HH _______

Field Events
10:00am Boys Freshman Shot Put ____
11:00m BOYS Soph Shot Put ____
12:00pm Boys Junior Year Shot Put ____
1:00pm Boys Varsity Shot Put ____
10:00am BOYS Freshman High Jump _______
10:00am BOYS Sophomore High Jump _______
10:00am BOYS Varsity High Jump _______


Girls Events

1:30pm Varsity 55m HH _______
1:35pm Sophomore 55m HH _______
1:40pm Freshman 55m HH _______

1:45pm Varsity 1000 Run _______
1:50pm Sophomore 1000m Run _______
1:55pm Freshman 1000m Run _______
2:00pm Varsity 600m Run _______
2:05pm Sophomore 600m Run _______
2:10pm Freshman 600m Run _______
2:15pm Senior year 300m Dash _______
2:20pm Junior year 300m Dash _______
2:25pm Sophomore 300m Dash _______
2:30pm Freshman 300m Dash _______
2:45pm Varsity 800m Relay _______
2:50pm Freshman/Sophomore 800m Relay _______

Field Events
1:00pm Girls Freshman Shot Put ____
1:30pm Girls Soph Shot Put ____
2:00pm Girls Varsity Shot Put ____
1:00pm Girls Freshman High Jump _______
1:00pm Girls Sophomore High Jump _______
1:00pm Girls Varsity High Jump _______

Team______________________________ Coach_________________________________Coach Email_______________________________Coach Cell________________________ ____ # of Individuals x $6.00 = ___________ ____ # of Relays x $20.00 = ___________
Blanket: $350______ Total Entry = ___________
Make check payable to:
Fordham Prep HS
c/o: George Febles
441 East Fordham Rd Bronx, NY 10458
Attn: Ignatian
Entries and Rosters due: Thurs Dec 14

Relay seeding: index card with team (A,B, etc. and runners names in order)- Pick up stickers at check-in table and have each athlete wear stickers-
Medals to top 6 in each event.
Pick up medals at check in table when results are posted- results will be posted at ny.milesplit.com -
NO SPIKES ALLOWED - new track at the Lombardi Center --
2 Event maximum per athlete - No athletes on wooden basketball floor- All Shot Put Events: 3 throws, no finals. - No pre-flight warm-ups, only pre-event warm-ups.- Throwers must help retrieve shots if asked. Those who refuse will be disqualified.