Meet Information" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Meet WebsiteMail completed entry form, fee, and signed waiver to:Foot Locker Cross Country ChampionshipsP.O. Box 109Brooklyn, NY 11236Attention: Phil ZoddaMail In Entry Deadlines and Fees Print clearly or type information on the entry form. Entries cannot be accepted without all proper signatures under waiver. Make $20.00 check payable to: Foot Locker Cross Country Championships. November 10, 2015 deadline for on-time registration. Entries received on or before this date are considered on time and will be charged the standard $20.00 entry fee. Note: November 11, 2015 federal postal holiday commemorating Veterans Day. No mail today use November 10 to November 15, 2015 entries and payments postmarked within these dates will be accepted but are considered late entries and will be charged a $30.00 entry fee. Entries may not be included in our Regional program. Avoid late fees enter early. Between November 16 and November 24th ALL ENTRIES must be made on online. Visit No refunds will be given. No race day entries. Please do not wait until the last week to enter. For multiple entries, please make photocopies of both the entry form and waiver. Your assistance is appreciated in having your multiple copies look like the original, same size and shape. Your group of 7 or more will be set aside as a team. Check-in at registration. Remember to mail team entries together. PLEASE, NO STAPLES. Entries can be confirmed by checking the athlete list posted on Faxed entries will not be accepted.