Meet Information

Accepted Teams-Final List Schedule, Meet Information & Invitational Acceptances InformationMeet Entry/ContractContact Neal Levy for additional meet infolevyn@northshoreschools.orgCell: 516-330-4590Registration that these instructions are on the US Portal and you will have to return to your state site to actually find your team and enter the meet.Dear Coaches,You are invited to the Fourth Annual North Shore H.S. Indoor Invitational meet on December 26th 2013 to be held at the Armory Track and Field Center in NYC.The meet is open to all scholastic teams that are members of the National Federation of Schools.Athletes must represent their high school. No Club Teams, Or Unattached Athletes.Sanctioning is being applied for the following states:NY, NJ, PA, MA, CT, RI, NH, ME, DE, VT, VA, MD, NCThe featured Invitational Event will be the Millrose Games "Automatic" Mile Qualifier. You win and you're in.Entry and Declaration Procedure:1. NON New York State Schools must declare their intention to participate by DECEMBER 5th or cannot participate.Please email with the following:"School, City/Town, State, intends on participating in the North Shore HS Track and Field Invitational on December 26th 2013 at the Armory Track and Field Center in New York City"2. NY Schools do not need to declare. PROCEDURES:1.Enter your athlete and relays ASAP. As soon as a desired number of teams has been reached the meet will be CLOSED.2.Print and fill out your meet/contract page 3.Have your AD sign the contract.4.Submit a copy to your school for payment.5.FAX or email your signed contract for verification: FAX 516 277 7042 or levyn@northshoreschools.org6.ONCE WE HAVE RECEIVED YOUR SIGNED CONTRACT, your team will be considered accepted into the meet.Coaches who have their teams accepted into the meet will be able to update their entries until December 20th, at midnight. YOU MAY MAKE CHANGES TO YOUR ENTRY BY THE 20th AT MIDNIGHT IN TERMS OF NAMES, EVENTS ETC AS LONG AS THE FINANCIAL INFORMATION DOES NOT CHANGEORDER OF EVENTS10:00 AM START In the infield:Boys 55 Semis (8 Fastest times to the Final)Girls 55 Semis " " " "Boys 55 Hurdles Finals on timeGirls 55 Hurdles Finals on timeBoys 55 FinalsGirls 55 Finals10:00 AM START On the outside oval:Boys 3200m (1 heat)Girls 3000m (1 heat)Boys 600Girls 600Boys 1000Girls 1000Boys 300m Girls 300m Boys Millrose Mile Automatic Qualifier (One Heat)Girls Millrose Mile Automatic Qualifier(One Heat)Boys 1600mGirls 1500mBoys 4x400 (max 2 relay teams per school)Girls 4x400 (max 2 relay teams per school)Boys 4x800 (max 2 relay teams per school)Girls 4x800 (max 2 relay teams per school)Boys 4x200 (max 2 relay teams per school)Girls 4x200 (max 2 relay teams per school)FIELD EVENTS High Jump (Begins after Girls 55 Finals)- Two Jumping AreasLong Jump (2 runways B/G simultaneously)Triple Jump (Follows Long Jump)Pole Vault (Girls Followed by Boys)Shot Put (Boys followed by Girls)OPENING HEIGHTSBoys Pole Vault 9'Girls Pole Vault 7'Boys High Jump 5'4"Girls High Jump 4'4"INDIVIDUALSIn your packet every athlete will have a sticker with their name, school, and bar code on it. Have athletes bring the proper stickers to check in at each event. Even athletes in Invitational events and field events need their stickers. RELAYSTeams will receive relays cards based on the numbers in their entrySEEDINGAll events will be verbally seeded on meet day EXCEPT Automatic Millrose Qualifier, 3000,3200. Those must be preceeded online before consideration.ENTRY LIMITEach athlete can compete in any two events.All individual events cost $6.00 per entryAll relay events cost $20.00 per relayOfficials fees will be split between Nassau County Public schools and billed through BOCES.SPIKE RULESAll athletes can use 1/4" spikes for all events.All spikes will be checked by the Armory Staff