The Fields Are Loaded Up: Manhattan Invitational Girls Letter Race Previews

Race E

Time:  3:22pm

Teams at the Top:  Warwick Valley - 102.0, Benjamin Cardozo - 100.0, Maple Grove - 97.0, Bayport-Blue Point - 90.4, Kellenberg - 88.2, Brewster - 87.2

Runners with HopsKatherine Lee (Shoreham-Wading River) - 134, Sarah Trainor (FDR) - 133, Sophia Muccini (Cardozo) - 122, Elsa Neubauer (Brewster) - 116, Carly Woelfel (South Side) - 115, Kristin Thompson (Warwick Valley) - 112, Abigail Perez (Cardozo) - 109, Ava Crist (Maple Grove) - 108, Carling Lockwood (Maple Grove) - 107, Christina Peppy (Maple Grove) - 107, Brianna Lausev (Kellenberg) - 105, Madison Delzell (Bayport-Blue Point) - 103, Kerri McCormack (St. John the Baptist) - 103, Simone Sullivan (Warwick Valley) - 101

Overview:  Much like she did last year, Katherine Lee has entered into a letter race, opting out of easterns.  However, the challenge at the front will be more pressing this year, as Sarah Trainor has been having a strong sophomore season. Sophia Muccini is also in the mix, using the NYC knowledge of the course to provide ample threat. The team battle should be just as exciting. Warwick Valley has been running very well, and could hold off a rising Cardozo. Maple Grove might have the best 1-2-3 punch in the field, but can the back-end keep up in the city?

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