Nationally Ranked Programs Set To Square Off - Manhattan Invitational Boys Eastern States Preview

Team Profiles - by Pole Position on Starting Line

Seton Catholic (NY)

Overview:   The Knights will be represented by Caleb Moore, one of the top 3 guys in NY's smallest D class.

Roster:    Caleb Moore

Team Data  N/A

Comments: If you are looking for the small underdog to root for, Moore's your guy as he is the great hope for all the runners in NY's D class.

 Green Hope (NC)

Overview:   The Falcons have been ranked among the top teams in the nation this year, and they may be the team with the best chance of knocking off the reigning champ CBA squad.

Roster:    Peyton Barish (185), Ian Delgado (174), Finn McBride (174), Ares Epps (171), Ryan Kemper (170), Reed Blackman (163), Daniel Vo (163)

Team Data  174.8. 2nd in Great American Race of Champions.

Comments: Green Hope got a great tuneup for Eastern States last weekend with a 2nd against Loudoun Valley the top competition in the Great American RoC. Now they'll see if they can fly in back-to-back major competitions with a lineup behind frontrunner Barish that should be well set up at VCP.

Bishop Shanahan (PA)

Overview:   The Eagles are led by Josh Hoey who was 30th in last year's Eastern States.

Roster:    Josh Hoey (183), Joe Schubert (169), Logan Yoquinto (155), Jon McGrory (155), Jack Etienn (148) 

Team Data  162.0. 8th in Paul Short-Brown

Comments: Frontrunner Hoey has a little deeper team behind him this year, so the Eagles could be looking to move into the top 20 after a 28th last year.

 Kingsway (NJ)

Overview:   The Dragons led the field in the Jersey Shores Coaches races, and now they go for all the marbles at Eastern States.

Roster:   Joe Grandizio (175), Jon Connor (173), Kieran Burns (172), Cole Hindley (166), Cade Hinley (162), Daniel Reynolds (158)

Team Data  169.6. 1st in New Jersey Shore Coaches B race, 4th in Bowdoin 1.

Comments:  Kingsway sits close behind CBA in the NJ rankings, and the Dragons have the type of pack team that could have a great day in the big Eastern States race if that pack is in the right place.

 Bolles (FL)

Overview:   The Bulldogs are one of Florida's top two teams and have a frontrunner in Charles Hicks who could be among the top 5 on Saturday.

Roster:    Charles Hicks (187), Chase Rivera (174), John Bowers (158), Alex Hastings (157), Ben Foltz (154)

Team Data  166.0. 7th in Great American Race of Champions.

Comments: Bolles looks to put together back-to-back major invitationals after being unable to come up as scheduled last year. Frontrunner Hicks was 10th last weekend at Great American RoC and will be seeing the favorite Dalton Hengst and Green Hope's Peyton Barish again at VCP.

Xavier (NY)

Overview:   The Knights are the home town heroes and are riding high this year after capturing their first CHSAA Catholic league championship in 85 years in 2016

Roster:    Josef Oetll (171), Sawyer Gwyn-Rowson (168), Aidan Donahue (165), Mike Crorkin (164), Oliver Branham-Upton (163), Owen Hassler (162), Fergus McDonnell (162)

Team Data  166.8. 1st in McQuaid AA

Comments: The Knights know VCP like the back of their mailed glove, which helped them to take a 6th in last year's race, and with a big pack to plunge the downhills, expect the same from them this year.

Corning (NY)

Overview:   The Hawks were state champions in NY's biggest class last year, and they could be ready for a big surprise at Eastern States if everyone on the team is ready.

Roster:    Dan Gahagan (175), Bryce Derick (174), Quinn Nicholson (171), Nate Lawson (171), Torrey Jacobson-Evans (165), Camden Zaidel (159)

Team Data  168.8,

Comments: Corning has the potential to move far up from its seeding after a 3rd place in the big McQuaid AAA race. Last year's frontrunner Nicholson should make a big difference for the Hawks if he returns at near peak level.

LaSalle College (PA)

Overview:   The Explorers head to Eastern States with a lot of momentum after big wins at Briarwood and then Carlisle, so they should move up a lot on last year's 12th place finish.

Roster:    Evan Addison (181), Vince Twomey (169), Ethan Maher (168), Sean Egan (166), Bradden Koors (160)

Team Data  168.8. 1st in Carlisle-Challenge, 1st in Briarwood-Championship

Comments: LaSalle is the second ranked team in Pennsylvania and has been winning a lot. Addison finished 25th in last year's race and could be shooting for the top 10 this year.

Bethlehem (NY)

Overview:   The Eagles are getting out the black and orange for a big Octoberfest after a solid September.

Roster:    Jack Huber (178), Cam Davis (176) Riley Grossman (170), Matt Cavaliere (166), William Quackenbush (153)

Team Data  168.2. 6th in McQuaid AAA

Comments: Bethlehem had a warmup with a partial squad at Grout last weekend after finishing a solid 6th at McQuaid, and with a much stronger team this year the Eagles could be shooting for a top 10 finish.

Fayetteville-Manlius (NY)

Overview:   The Hornets have been resting up from the invitational scene for the last three weeks, and the 2014 Eastern States winners should be poised for a big performance at VCP.

Roster:     Geoff Howles (184), Ben Otis (182), Jack Duncanson (171), Sam Otis (169), Peyton Geehrer (161), Matthew Tripp (160)

Team Data  173.4. 1st in Wayne Pre-States 1

Comments: Eastern States is a traditional kickoff for the Hornets' postseason drive for NXN, and with Howles and Otis seeded among the top 15 runners, FM is in good shape to match or better last year's 3rd place finish.

Mount Tabor (NC)

Overview:   The Spartans are the second rated team in a state with a lot of good teams this year,  and they will be looking to get up among the top 5 teams in Eastern States.

Roster:    Cameron Ponder (185), Mike Moerk (183), Charles Pace (168), Will Scurry (158), James Vlasis (154)

Team Data  169.6. 1st at Wendy's, 2nd at Adidas XC Challenge-Championship

Comments: Mount Tabor's top two of Ponder and Moerk gives them one of the top pairs of guys at the head of the race, and if they can get the 3-4-5 in before the ES bulge, the Spartans will do very well.

Christian Brothers Academy (NJ)

Overview:   The Colts have captured 5 of the 9 Eastern States races since its debut in 2008, and with the top rated team in NJ and in the race, a 6th title is a strong possibility.

Roster:    Brian Hill (187), Luke Reid (178), Tim McInerney (173), Ryan Miele (172), Troy Hill (169), John Sheridan (165)

Team Data  175.8. 1st in New Jersey Shore Coaches A (with 2nd group), 1st in Bowdoin-1

Comments: After an 11th place finish last year, frontrunner Hill should move up a lot this year, and moving up throughout the race is the tactic that has led the Colts pack to a lot of titles at VCP.

McDonogh School (MD)

Overview:   The Eagles will have star Dalton Hengst looking to break the tape as the favorite in this year's Eastern States.

Roster:    Dalton Hengst (191)

Team Data  N/A

Comments: After big wins at Great American and Paul Short against top fields, Hengst looks for another big performance in his drive for a third straight Foot Lockers appearance.

Niskayuna (NY)

Overview:   The Silver Warriors are among the top 10 teams in NY and are seeded 4th in this year's race.

Roster:  Donnovan Tucker (179), Colin Ross (176), Marty Dolan (175), Joe Quinn (168), Tom Ragone (167) 

Team Data 173.0. 3rd in Bowdoin-2, 2nd in Wayne Pre-States-1

Comments: After taking 2nd in the Manhattan E race last year, Niskayuna looks ready to shoot for a top 5 place at VCP with a stronger squad that has a very well-formed pack.

Quakertown (PA)

Overview:   The Panthers will be trying to move up in the back of the field in Eastern States.

Roster:  Hudson Delisle (169), Kevin Juszynki (141), Nick Yeatman (132), Nolan Pernia (123), Ben Ocamb (122)

Team Data  137.4. 33rd Paul Short-Brown

Comments: Behind frontrunner Delisle, Quakertown is in it for the Manhattan experience.

Brick Township (NJ)

Overview:   The Green Dragons will be at the back in Eastern States. Frontrunner Damien Dilcher has not had results since the Ocean County race more than a month ago, but he will be among the leaders if he is available.

Roster:    Zachary Seemar, Alex Dragonette, Brandon Collela, Jericho Osel, Bailey Barychko

Team Data  135.0. 21st in New Jersey Shore Coaches-C

Comments: Come to Manhattan to run with the best.

Manhasset (NY)

Overview:   The Indians were 4th in the E race last year, and after moving up a class in NY to A, they're taking a shot in Eastern States.

Roster:    John Cyprus (168), Ryan Watson (158), Chris Courts (157), Aidan Sweeney (156), Adam Stefan (154)  

Team Data  158.6. 12th in McQuaid AAA

Comments: Manhasset will be among the back half of the teams in the race but there is a solid enough pack here for a shot at a top 15 place.

Downingtown West (PA)

Overview:   The Whippets are among the top 10 teams in Pennsylvania and are back in Eastern States with a shot at a top 12 finish.

Roster:    Tyler Rollins (176), Payton Sewall (170), Isaac Valderranbano (164), Evan Kaiser (160), Joe Chamoun (155)

Team Data  165.0. 3rd in Paul Short Brown

Comments: A solid performance at Paul Short should give DW a chance for a good day in Eastern States if they can pull up the back line a bit.

Pittsford-Mendon (NY)

Overview:   The Vikings ended a three year run as state champions in Class B last year, but behind the top duo of Nathan and Sam Lawler, they have a shot for a top 15 finish.

Roster:    Nate Lawler (185), Sam Lawler (176), James Smith (160), Colin Murphy (143), Ben Rosaro (130)

Team Data  156.2. 8th in McQuaid-AA

Comments: Viking frontrunner Nathan Lawler is the top returning runner from last year's Eastern States with a 3rd place finish, and though the Vikings do not have the depth they had in their state championship years, the Lawler combo at the top should help to up the back group to move up on last year's 23rd place finish.

Neshaminy (PA)

Overview:   Nashaminy frontrunner Rusty Kujdych will be among the favorites for the top finish.

Roster:    Rusty Kujdych (188), Jason Fitch (155), Vlad Mikhailouski (145), Luke Sisco (140), Jason Faccenda (132)

Team Data  152.0. 27th in Paul Short-Brown

Comments: Neshaminy features PA's top rated runner Kujdych, and he will be trying to pick up another 1st after wins at Briarwood and PIAA Foundation and a 2nd at Paul Short.

Princeton (NJ)

Overview:   The Panthers are ranked 3rd in New Jersey and are looking to move up from last year's 2nd place finish in Eastern States, which means ...

Roster:    Will Hare (183), Acasio Pinheiro (169), Alex Ackerman (168), Nick Delaney (166),  Jackson Donahue (166)

Team Data  170.2. 1st in New Jersey Shore Coaches-C, 4th in Bowdoin-2

Comments: Princeton should be pulling a full squad together behind frontrunner Hare for another try for the title at the Eastern States that narrowly eluded them last year. If the 2-5 spots move up a bit, the Panthers may be in the pink.

Ithaca (NY)

Overview:   The Little Red has frontrunner Derfel vying for the individual title and a team that should finish in the top 5.

Roster:    Silas Derfel (189), Alex Simpson (169), Noah Mattice (168), Ben Supron (167), Scott Smith (164) 

Team Data  171.0. 5th in McQuaid AAA

Comments: Derfel has been racking up the victories this year on the lead for Ithaca, and the team has a nice pack that will do well if they can bunch in ahead of the fat part of the finishing times at Eastern States.

Phoenixville Area (PA)

Overview:   The Phantoms are built around frontrunner Carlos Schultz, but they should be competitive among the top 20 teams in Eastern States.

Roster:    Carlos Shultz (181), Aaron Hin (161), Christian Schaaf (161), Gabe Puleo (147), Connor Wilchusky (145) 

Team Data  159.0. 12th in Paul Short-Brown

Comments: Shultz finished 5th in a strong field at Paul Short, so he should be looking to break into the top 20 in Eastern States.

Salesianum (DE)

Overview:   The Sallies are coming off a 2nd place finish at Paul Short two weeks ago and are looking to move up from last year's 15th place.

Roster:    Mike Keehan (177), Sean Banko (171), Lucien Peach (166), Austin Barry (163), Aidan Higley (154) 

Team Data  166.2. 2nd in Paul Short-Brown

Comments: Salesianum looked good at Paul Short, and if the Sallies can pull up the back line a bit, they could be looking at a top 10 finish.

Shenendehowa (NY)

Overview:   It's been a while since the Plainsmen put up big numbers, so we're looking to see which Shen team shows up for Eastern States.

Roster:    Alex Hislop (168), Liam Hickey (164), Max Hoffman (159), Greg Langone (157), TJ Michalak (156)

Team Data  160.8. 12th in Ocean State-Championship

Comments: Shen's had a quiet year after a strong performance early in September at Guilderland, so anything could happen at VCP.

North Hunterdon (NJ)

Overview:   The Lions are a top 5 NJ team moving over to Eastern States after a 3rd place finish in the E race last year.

Roster:    Ray Sellaro (181), Chris Fischer (170), Dillon Adamy (168), Gavin Richards (162), Joe Gallo (158)

Team Data  167.8. 2nd in New Jersey Shore Coaches-B

Comments: Frontrunner Sellaro was the top guy in the Jersey Shore B race, and the Lions are one of those teams that need to pull up the back a little in a quest for a top 10 place on Saturday.

Southern Garrett (MD)

Overview:   The Rams' fronrunner Declan Horner will be looking to get up among the top 25 in Eastern States.

Roster:    Declan Horner (177), Ryan Hebb (161), Zack Warnick (132), Drew Helbig (129), Josiah Hebb (115)

Team Data  142.8. 2nd in Buffalo Wild Wings, 24th in Oatlands

Comments: Southern Garrett will be among the teams at the back end of Eastern States, but Horner could have a strong day after a win in the Buffalo Wild Wings meet.

 Tatnall (DE)

Overview:   The Hornets' Brendan Balthis could get up for a top 25 finish.

Roster:    Brendan Balthis (178), Nick Garrett (166), Joe Cintavey (140), Sasha Latina (131), Luke Kaucic (121) 

Team Data  147.4. 22nd in Great American Race of Champions

Comments: Tatnall's frontrunner Balthis was a long ways back in a tough field at Great American, but if he can get back to usual form he should do well in Eastern States.

Saint Anthony's (NY)

Overview:   The Friars are moving back to Eastern States after winning D last year, and frontrunner Mason Gatewood is the top ranked runner in NY.

Roster:    Mason Gatewood (190), Brendan Dearie (165),  Barbaro-Barnett (152), Hunter Vierling (151), Pat Kutch (141)

Team Data  159.8. 4th in St. Anthony's

Comments: The Friars have not shown the depth yet this year to compete at the top level, but frontrunner Gatewood is having a very big year and just went to the top of the NY charts with his performance last weekend in the Friars' host meet.

Somers (NY)

Overview:   The Tuskers' top twin duo of Matt and Greg Fusco are very familiar with VCP and will be among the favorites for top 10 finishes in Eastern States.

Roster:    Matt Fusco (181), Greg Fusco (180), Chris Hannon (138),  Mike Altieri (136), Josh Tetro (134)

Team Data  153.8. 11th in St. Anthony's

Comments: The Tuskers will be finishing near the back in Eastern States, but seniors Matt and Greg Fusco will be among the leaders after testing the course out in a 1-2 punch in the Xavier Invite three weeks ago.

West Chester Henderson (PA)

Overview:   The Warriors are looking toward a top 20 place in Eastern States.

Roster:    Spencer Smucker (170), Calvin Pash (163), Luke Geier (153), Brian Zoretic (152), Dom Feola (149)

Team Data  157.4. 5th in Carlisle Challenge

Comments:  WCH were 26th last year in Eastern States, but they should be able to move up a ways this year.