2017 NY Girls XC Preview: Class D

Maple GroveRed Dragons

Section: 6Class: DColors: Red and black

Maple Grove's Carling Lockwood, Gracie Auer. Ava Crist, and Christina Peppy ran together early in their Sectionals race on the way a week to a 2nd place finish at States.
XC History
States Teams: 2007 (D-4th), 2009 (D-2nd), 2010 (D-1st), 2011 (D-1st), 2012 (D-1st), 2013 (D-2nd), 2014 (D-4th), 2015 (D-3rd), 2016 (D-2nd)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Caroline Benson (2010, D-2nd), Hope Pietrocarlo (2010, D-4th) (2011, D-3rd) (2012, D-3rd) (2013, D-1st) (2014, D-5th) (2015, D-5th), Megan Marsh (2010, D-5th) (2011, D-2nd) (2012, D-10th), Ava Crist (2016, D-8th)

Last Year's Summary: 2nd in States D, 1st in Sectionals D

NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Ava Crist932nd in CCAA8111
Christina Peppy943rd in CCAA18111
Gracie Auer1224th in CCAA26109
Carling Lockwood969th in McQuaid-A3186
Bryn Mozzi111125th in McQuaid-A4286
Kristin Kelemen111222nd in McQuaid-A6179
Riley Caskey111329th in McQuaid-A6571
This Year's Outlook
Maple Grove took a big leap forward toward title contention last year with the additions of 8th graders Ava Crist and Christina Peppy, and a 2nd place finish behind Greenwich by 6 points at States. Now with the two States medalists returning as freshmen and closely followed by senior Gracie Auer and freshmen Carling Lockwood, the Red Dragons have the deepest team in Class D with still a lot of upward potential. If they can get five runners finishing above the 100 TR level at this year's States, MG could be the favorite for its first championship in 5 years.


Section: 2Class: DColors: Green and white

Greenwich's Emma Cronin, Brynne Wright, Annabel Gregg, and Brooke Wright get set to claim a second straight States title last year at Chenango Valley.
XC History
States Teams: 2004 (C-2nd), 2005 (D-3rd), 2006 (C-1st), 2007 (C-1st), 2008 (D-1st), 2009 (D-1st), 2010 (C-2nd), 2011 (C-2nd), 2012 (D-2nd), 2013 (D-4th), 2014 (C-3rd), 2015 (D-1st), 2016 (D-1st)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Emily Fung (2005, C-2nd) (2006, D-2nd) (2007, C-2nd) (2008, C-4th), Caitlin Lane (2006, C-1st) (2007, C-1st), Brittney Lane (2006, C-8th) (2009, D-3rd), Cady Kuzmich (2007, D-3rd) (2008, D-8th) (2009, D-5th), Roxanne Henningson (2007, C-5th) (2008, D-2nd), Madeline Montague (2009, D-7th) (2011, C-4th) (2012, D-1st), Betsy Edinger (2010, C-4th), Victoria Houser (2011, C-2nd), Tori Spezio (2012, D-2nd) (2013, D-6th), Annabel Gregg (2014, C-6th), Brynne Wright (2015, D-7th) (2016, D-2nd)

Last Year's Summary: 1st in States C, 1st in Sectionals C

NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States Results (C)Season TR
Brynne Wright1013rd Ocean State2124
Emma Cronin1052nd in Burnt Hills-113109
Quinn Collins1082nd in Wasaren2499
Annabel Gregg1167th in Burnt Hills-11996
Brooke Wright10116th in Wasaren5084
Bryanna Booth122128th in Wasaren8359
Chloe Littell122313th in Wasaren7254
This Year's Outlook
A trio of last year's coven of freshmen Witches added a fourth member and rode the winds to a second straight States title. Now a solid quartet of sophomores -- 2nd  place Brynne Wright, medalst Emma Cronin, newcomer Quinn Collins, and Brooke Wright along with oldster junior Annabel Gregg fly off in pursuit of a a threepeat, and they are well positioned for their 7th States title. The only question besides whatever the Red Dragons over in Maple Grove are doing is the depth issue, as everyone needs to stay healthy when you go 5-deep. But with a sensible schedule and a still young and emerging team, Greenwich could keep the brooms sweeping for another victory at States.

South LewisFalcons

Section: 3Class: DColors: Red and white

South Lewis won the Section 3 Class D title and then went on to finish 3rd at States behind a top three of Hali and Hannah Ielfield (nos. 1050 and 1051) and Lexi Bernard (in between and back). Running with them in the S3-D race is New York Mills' Sarah Sharpe.
XC History
States Teams: 1980 (C-7th), 2012 (D-3rd), 2016 (D-3rd)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Courtney Beadore (2002, C-6th), Liz Ludovici (2002, C-8th), Victoria Campanian (2008, D-5th) (2009, D-2nd) (2010, C-3rd) (2012, D-6th)

Last Year's Summary: 3rd in States D, 1st in Sectionals D

NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Hannah Ielfield933rd in Tully-Sm20111
Lexi Bernard844th in NXN-NY-Open12111
Hali Ielfield1251st in Frontier17108
Morgan Feisthamel111710th in Frontier5470
Abby Durgan92017th in Tully-Sm5967
Isabelle Liendecker104437th in Tully -Sm7637
This Year's Outlook
Most of the Falcon runners were new to the squad last year, and they had a huge impact and propelled South Lewis to States for the first time in four years. The top 5 are back, and only the Falcons among all the Class D teams can claim three States medalists from last year, as Lexi Bernard finished 12th as a 7th grader and Hali and Hannah Ielfield placed 17th and 20th. If the Falcons can get a little stronger at the back, there could be a spectacular three-way battle at States this year.

Beaver RiverBeavers

Section: 3Class: DColors: Orange, green and white

Beaver River's Rylee Campeau qualified for States as a sophomore and finished one spot away from a medal at 21st.
XC History
States Teams: 1984 (C-1st), 1985 (C-1st), 1986 (C-2nd), 1995 (C-2nd), 1996 (C-3rd), 1997 (C-2nd), 1998 (C-1st), 2000 (D-2nd), 2001 (D-2nd), 2002 (D-2nd), 2003 (D-2nd), 2004 (D-1st), 2005 (D-2nd), 2007 D-3rd), 2009 (D-3rd), 2011 (D-2nd)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Diane Everard (1982, C-2nd), Tammy Widrick (1985, C-6th) (1986, C-7th) (1987, C-9th), Cynthia Zehr (1985, C-6th), Nicole Maser (1994, C-6th), Bobbie Mathys (1996, C-8th) (1997, C-6th), Lauren Moser (2000, D-4th) (2001, D-3rd) (2002, D-1st) (2003, D-5th), Julie Emery (2000, D-7th), Chelsea Nuffer (2002, D-7th) (2005, D-6th), Adrienne Gagnier (2003, D-8th), Ellen Stevens (2004, D-4th), Karlee Duffer (2009, D-8th) (2010, D-10th)

Last Year's Summary: 2nd in Sectionals D

NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Rylee Campeau1172nd in Frontier21103
Taylor Moore1195th in Frontier
Shauna Rice11117th in Beaver River
Sierra Kempney121210th in Rome Coughlin
Nobalie Kloster112344th in McDaniel-Baxter-6
Emily Lighthall122610th in New Hartford
This Year's Outlook
Last year the Beavers were beat out for a Sectional title that they had seem destined to win in preseason. This year the top 6 are all back as junior and seniors, but reigning S3-D champ South Lewis also has their entire squad back. Beaver River will need to bring a few more runners up a little closer behind the team's States finalists of the last two years, Rylee Campeau and Taylor Moore, and then hope that the pack attack can earn the Beavers their first Sectionals win in six years.

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