2017 NY Girls XC Preview: Class C


Section: 6Class: CColors: Royal blue and white

Newfane's Vanessa Burkard finished 16th in the McQuaid A race and her sister Nina (at right) finished one place behind to help lead the Panthers to 2nd place there, and they combined with frontrunner Kimberly Goerss to take the Panthers' first state championship.
XC History
States Teams:  1982 (B-3rd), 2002 (C-8th), 2003 (C-8th), 2016 (C-1st)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers):  Sue Russell (1980, B-9th), Kim Wood (1983, B-2nd), Lacey Watkins (2001, C-3rd)

Last Year's Summary: 1st in States C, 1st in Sectionals C

NameGradeSect. PlaceTop Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Kimberley Goerss1156th in McQuaid-A18106
Nina Burkard1192nd in Niagara-Orleans22101
Vanessa Burkard1073rd in Niagara-Orleans26101
Lydia Chunco91731st in McQuaid-A4589
Marina Ersing91747th in McQuaid-A7573
Caitlin Clack112010th in Niagara-Orleans8764
Leah Siegmann8
42nd in McQuaid-A
This Year's Outlook
The reigning States champs have their top 6 back this year and will likely be able to say the same next year, so the Panthers are set for a while. With Kimberly Goerss and Nina and Vanessa Burkard returning as a solid top 3, Newfane is in a strong position to fight off repeat challenges from last year's top contenders.

CantonGolden Bears

Section: 10Class: CColors: Gold and brown

Canton's Grace Bessette (no. 1042) finished 11th at States to lead the Golden Bears to 2nd place.
XC History
States Teams: 1990 (C-10th), 1995 (B-12th), 1997 (B-11th), 1998 (B-10th), 1999 (B-7th). 2000 (C-6th), 2004 (B-8th), 2006 (B-10th), 2008 (B-7th), 2010 (A-7th), 2011 (B-6th), 2012 (B-6th), 2014 (C-6th) , 2016 (C-2nd)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers):  Elizabeth Van de Water (1977, B-8th), Aimee Beaudette (2009, C-2nd), Laura Pierce (2013, C-4th)

Last Year's Summary: 2nd States C, 1st in Sectionals C

NameGradeSect. Place (CC)Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Grace Bessette1212nd in Section 10 Interdiv.11115
Claira Royce1035th in Section 10 Interdiv.21100
Hannah Tupper1147th in Section 10 Interdiv.6985
Gabriella Scott1289th in Section 10 Interdiv.7675
Maria Allen10510th in Section 10 Interdiv.8370
Autumn Crabtree11
16th in Section 10 Interdiv.
This Year's Outlook
Canton lost two runners from last year's States runner-up team and fell a little further behind Newfane to enter 2017. But five runners are back including senior States medalist Grace Bessette as one of the top 3 runners in Class C and freshman Claira Royce who missed a medal by one place, so the Golden Bears should be heavily in the competition for a state championship this year.


Section: 3Class: CColors: Purple and gold

CBA-Syracuse's Deja Jones (no. 364) placed 25th at States as a freshman to lead the Brothers to 4th.
XC History
States Teams: 

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers):  Megan Ann Pierce (2012, C-7th), Katie Brislin (2008, C-10th) (2009, C-7th)

Last Year's Summary: 4th in States C, 1st in Sectionals C

NameGradeSect. PlaceTop Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Deja Jones968th in OHSL Liberty2599
Lea Kyle1076th in OHSL Liberty3399
Cory Knox11117th in OHSL Liberty5096
Bri Pucci11179th in Auburn9375
Claire Bargabos12256th in Auburn6871
Lucy Person122024th in OHSL Liberty9167
This Year's Outlook
A band of young Brothers earned CBA its first visit to States in 2016 and now looks well set to keep the new tradition going for a while. Deja Jones, Lea Kyle, and Cory Knox all earned top 50 places at the state championship, and if the Brothers keep developing and enlarge the ranks, they could be aiming for a States title.


Section: 1Class: CColors: Blue and white

Bronxville's Kaitlin Ryan at right had her best ever States finish in her senior year as both she and the Broncos finished 3rd.
XC History
States Teams: 1981 (C-3rd), 1982 (C-3rd), 1983 (C-1st), 1984 (C-2nd), 1985 (C-2nd), 1986 (C-4th), 1987 (C-5th), 1988 (C-3rd), 1989 (C-4th), 1995 (C-11th), 1997 (C-9th), 1998 (C-5th), 1999 (D-1st), 2000 (D-1st), 2001 (D-1st), 2002 (D-3rd), 2003 (D-3rd), 2004 (C-1st), 2005 (C-1st), 2006 (C-2nd), 2007 (C-2nd), 2008 (C-1st), 2009 (C-1st), 2010 (C-1st), 2011 (C-1st), 2012 (C-1st), 2013 (C-1st), 2014 (C-2nd), 2015 (C-2nd), 2016 (C-3rd)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Maria Sachs (1983, C-4th) (1984, C-3rd), Maggie Silver (1987, C-4th) (1989, C-10th), Catha Mullen (1999, D-2nd) (2000, D-3rd) 2001 (D-4th) 2002 (D-3rd), Caroline Mullen (1999, D-7th) (2000, D-6th), (2001, D-7th) (2002, D-4th), Michelle Rorke (2000, D-8th) (2001, D-2nd) Amanda Hudson (2004, C-6th) (2005, C-3rd), Emma Clarke (2004, C-7th) (2006, C-9th), Virginia Connor (2005, C-4th), Henrietta Miers (2005, C-10th) (2009, C-8th), Tori Flannery (2005, C-6th), (2006, C-4th) (2007, C-10th), Caitlin Hudson (2008, C-9th), Meredith Rizzo (2009, C-4th) (2010, C-2nd), (2011, C-5th), Mary Cain (2010, C-1st), (2011, C-1st), Kaitlin Ryan (2012, C-5th) (2015, C-8th) (2016, C-3rd), Emelie Hoffer (2013, 5th), Courtney Campbell (2013, C-9th), Delia Hayes (2014, C-5th)

Last Year's Summary:  3rd in States C, 1st in Sectionals C

NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Patty Haggerty11--1st in Xavier--102
Avery Widen9615th in Xavier4387
Emma Mandranas111051st in Manhattan-C4287
Gigi Chrappa111310th in Xavier5778
Lyric Abbott111465th in Manhattan-E6771
Olivia Scotti12--25th in Xavier
Lindsey Nobles121839th in Manhattan-JV-C7366
This Year's Outlook
Last year Bronxville lost its #2 runner early on in the season and went down at States by 9 points. This season the Broncos will be running without longtime standout Kaitlin Ryan who finished 3rd at States in her senior year, and their best States placement by any returning runner is 43rd and team's preseason TR rating has slipped below 90. Those are not usual Bronco numbers and would usually portend dire happenings in the future, however Patty Haggerty will be back this year hopefully for a full season, Avery Widen will finally be in high school, and a crystal ball powered by fuzzy rumors foresees Bronxville as maybe the top favorite again at States once November rolls around and #13 is calling. (Late update: As of 8/11, it is confirmed that former Rye runner Natalie Weiner and her 110 TR average has moved to Bronxville for her sophomore season, and that will indeed make the Broncos the favorite for a 13th title.)


Section: 7Class: CColors: Red and white

Saranac's Elise Lepage (no. 749)  moved up at the States race to lead the Chiefs to 7th place.
XC History
States Teams: 1992 (C-10th), 1994 (C-11th), 1996 (C-8th), 1991 (C-11th), 1992 (C-10th), 1994 (C-11th), 1996 (C-8th), 1997 C-11th), 1999 (C-6th), 2000 (B-8th), 2001 (B-9th), 2011 (C-10th), 2012 (C-10th), 2013 (C-10th), 2014 (C-9th), 2015 (C-6th), (2016, C-7th)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): 

Last Year's Summary:  7th in States C, 1st in Sectionals C

NameGradeSect. Place (S7)Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Rachel Woodruff1051st in South Jefferson51102
Elise Lepage1079th in CVAC4189
Heather Dutko1188th in John Killian5888
Julia Drolet112227th in John Killian12364
Caitlin Cliche112520th in CVAC10961
Desiree Dashnaw122783rd in Burnt Hills-JV11754
Sarique Moore10286th in John Killian-JV
This Year's Outlook
The Chiefs fell back one place at States last year from their 6th place finish in 2015, but the top 3 of Woodruff, Lepage, and Dutko should be back for at least the next two years and provide Saranac with the base to build around. If the team can put together the same kind of performance at States as it does at Sectionals, it could break into the top 5 in Class C, and Lepage could certainly provide some lessons on that point.

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