Live Updates From the Millrose Games!

New York, NY - Chances are, if you're at this page, you know what today is.  The Millrose Games is one of track and fields longest running traditions, and the 106th annual event will take place right here, starting at 3pm.  We'll have all the updates for you live, albeit a little more sparringly once the live coverage starts at 7pm on ESPN3.  Still, we'll get you all the race winners, videos and pictures you could desire, and all the action stemming from the Armory Oval.  Can't wait for the action, as three high schoolers take on the pros? (Emma Gallagher in the 600m, MAry Cain in the mile, and Edward Cheserek in the 2-Mile)  Check out our high school preview to tide you over, and we'll see you tonight, at the Millrose Games.


Full Entries




Time Event
1 pm * Muscle Milk women's weight throw
2 pm * Muscle Milk men's weight throw
3:30 pm Women's club distance medley relay
3:42 pm Men's club distance medley relay
3:55 pm Women's USATF championship mile walk
4:05 pm Masters men's & women's 4x400m relay (M 60+, W 40+)
4:12 pm Masters men's 4x400m relay (M 40+, M 50+)
4:19 pm High school girls' 55m dash
4:24 pm High school boys' 55m dash
4:29 pm Suburban high school girls' 4x400m relay
4:30 pm High school boys' pole vault
4:37 pm Eastern high school girls' 4x800m relay
4:47 pm Long Island high school boys' 4x400m relay
4:55 pm NYRR youth girls' 4x200m relay
5:01 pm NYRR youth boys' 4x200m relay
5:07 pm Long Island high school girls' 4x400m relay
5:15 pm Women's club 4x200m relay
5:23 pm John P. Prendergast CHSAA girls' sprint medley relay
5:31 pm Joe Fox CHSAA boys' 4x200m
5:41 pm Girls' Fastest Kid on the Block
5:47 pm Boys' Fastest Kid on the Block
5:52 pm Men's club 4x200m relay
6:02 pm Susan Rudin men's USATF championship mile walk
6:12 pm Suburban high school boys' 4x400m relay
6:20 pm PSAL girls' 4x400m
6:29 pm PSAL boys' 4x400m
6:38 pm HBCU women's 4x400m relay
6:50 pm Opening ceremony
7:05 pm New Balance high school boys' 4x800m relay
7:15 pm Women's long jump
7:20 pm HBCU men's 4x400m relay
7:30 pm NYH&RC women's 60m dash
7:37 pm NYH&RC men's 60m dash
7:45 pm Eastern high school girls' 4x200m
7:50 pm Byron Dyce college men's 4x800m relay
8:02 pm Fred Schmertz men's 60m hurdles
8:10 pm Fred Schmertz women's 60m hurdles
8:20 pm New Balance high school girls' mile run
8:25 pm United Airlines women's pole vault
8:30 pm Muscle Milk high school boys' 4x200m relay
8:40 pm NYRR women's Wanamaker Mile
8:47 pm John Thomas women's high jump
8:50 pm Mel Sheppard men's 600m run
8:58 pm New Balance men's two-mile run
9:13 pm Howard Schmertz women's 600m run
9:20 pm New Balance high school boys' mile run, honoring Larry Byrne
9:28 pm AT&T women's 400m dash
9:33 pm George T. Eastment CHSAA high school boys' 4x800m relay
9:46 pm National anthem
9:50 pm NYRR men's Wanamaker Mile